More than 1,500 JetForm Central installs replaced with DocOrigin Software in 2015

AT&T, California State University, GE Healthcare, McKesson, PPG and others migrated to DocOrigin

CAPE CORAL, Fla., November 18, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Eclipse Corporation, a leading provider of enterprise document generation solutions, announced today that sales of DocOrigin, a document design and generation software system surpassed its 2015 sales forecast. Enterprise license sales in 2015 grew 220%. In addition, several multi-year OEM and Enterprise license agreements were signed during the year.

Eclipse Corporation has been very successful replacing JetForm Central also known as Adobe Central over the past 4 years. “The original founders and software developers of JetForm are also the creators of DocOrigin. JetForm Central was one of the most successful enterprise document generation solutions ever developed,” said Steve Luke, CEO Eclipse Corporation. “The developers of DocOrigin understood the document and forms industry in ways not clear to most software developers. Dedicating their careers to document centric solutions and winning business from 71% of the Fortune 1000 by 2001, this team earned their stripes in the trenches. It’s no surprise they were able to create a new form and document solution that would take the market by storm.” explained Luke.

Rapid migration tools provided with DocOrigin make the move from legacy solutions like Adobe Central, Create!form, DocPath, FormScape, Optio and others simple and reduces migration time 20% to 80%. This is just one of the many reasons DocOrigin has grown in popularity. Converting a JetForm Central or Adobe LiveCycle form to a DocOrigin form can be completed in seconds, with QA and testing time being reduced by as much and 80%, versus designing from scratch. Rapid implantation tools save companies up to 33% of what it costs to implement alternative solutions.

McKesson Medical Surgical had multiple legacy document generations solutions running on JD Edwards and other business software”, said Jeff Gary, Vice President of Business Development at Eclipse “Central, FormScape, and PDF Wizard were sunset years ago and McKesson needed a single solution to replace them. After extensive testing of DocOrigin and other products, they selected DocOrigin in 2014 and the implementation has been a huge success. DocOrigin is reliable, fast and has the features to take McKesson into the next generation of healthcare”, Gary added.

DocOrigin provides relevant marketing and enhanced messaging to transactional business documents. DocOrigin supports the native .dat or .FNF data streams used by JetForm, Adobe Central environments, eliminating the need for any modifications to existing business software, thus proper template and data merging is assured. DocOrigin includes robust visual data mapping software to allow you to map your Spool or ASCII print image files. DocOrigin provides all the features a company needs to design, present and deliver documents, forms and label. Multichannel delivery system assures companies they can reach their customers, partners and employees when and where they prefer.

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Eclipse Corporation is a leading provider of enterprise class document and label generation solutions for banking, insurance, government, and manufacturing applications. We are the exclusive North American distributor of DocOrigin. Eclipse developed innovative solutions that incorporate electronic documents, forms, labels, and workflow automation to bring about real operational savings, workflow efficiencies and marketplace advantages. Our customers include AT&T, California State University, GE, Konica Minolta, Mele Printing, PPG, TransMontaigne, Tyler Technologies and hundreds more.

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