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Adobe JetForm Central

JetForm Central Replacement or Adobe Central Upgrade?
DocOrigin Is The Answer

Adobe Central Pro's life is coming to an end! JetForm Rises Again!

The Central Output Server family is scheduled for end-of-life in June 2016, and as such, Adobe has planned no more enhancements for the Central product.

In 2007, two of the original JetForm founders, Tom Hicks and Wayne Hall, along with four of the core software developers of JetForm Central, embarked on a new project to build an enterprise-class document designer, as well as a data merge engine, and presentation and delivery system. The goal was not to create a replacement for JetForm Central – but to build a globally efficient solution that would excel among even the most current document generation solutions to replace any legacy document generation software. The result is called DocOrigin (a play off the Origin of Documents).

DocOrigin was first released in 2009 and in 2013, version 3.0 was released. DocOrigin provides a super set of features over the most current release of Adobe Central Pro. Merge speeds for batch production run 200 to 260% faster than any version of Central Pro.

New features include:

Automated Bulk Batch Migration-Conversion of IFD and XDP form templates, FNF, DAT, XML, CSV, Spool, and Print Image data input, vector graphic scaleable charting, HTML Output, several PDF formats, QR and many other 2D bar-codes, US Intelligent postal bar-code, and optional HTML5 and PDF fillable forms

Luckily, Eclipse provides you with great alternatives to transition to our new solutions, or to provide you continued support on Central, PDF Wizard, R-Forms, and FP400. You can speak live with people who know Central inside and out – because they built it! That's right, Eclipse employs the core development team of Central Pro, and the Eclipse team also created the IBM AS/400 version of JetForm Central for AS/400 and PDF Wizard for Oracle - JD Edwards EnterpriseOne. We understand the mission-critical role Central plays in your business and why you can't afford to spend days passing emails back and forth with support people because you are not able to understand them on the phone.

Call us today and discover why companies like ABC INOAC, CARQUEST, Eaton, GE, Konica, Security Finance Corporation, TransMontaigne and hundreds of other companies trust Eclipse for support or have already migrated to one of our new solutions.