Healing Through Innovation: DocOrigin's Document Automation in Healthcare

Eclipse is driving innovations in document generation for the healthcare industry.

Powering Healthcare

Experience the future of healthcare documentation with DocOrigin. Our advanced document automation solutions empower healthcare providers to streamline administrative tasks, enhance patient communications, and ensure regulatory compliance. From personalized medical records to efficient billing processes, DocOrigin transforms healthcare document management, contributing to a more efficient, accurate, and patient-focused healthcare ecosystem.

  • Our staff is very happy with DocOrigin. The fantastic support we have received from both ProTechnology and Eclipse has enabled us to quickly and easily resolve all issues.

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DocOrigin web services integrate with the e-commerce e-Aperam site to meet the rising demand for paperless statements and correspondence via email or the web using built-in multichannel communications capabilities.

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Advantage 360

As a telecommunications service provider, your system requirements are completely different from a manufacturer, drugstore or similar.

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McKesson delivers critical documents in record time with DocOrigin’s simple, yet reliable and highly automated single point of control for assured, accurate and speedy healthcare document delivery.