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DocOrigin Design allows you to create the document templates used by Merge, including forms, fillable forms, checks, labels and reports. With an easy-to-use GUI interface, you’ll have the tools you need to create perfect document templates

DocOrigin Merge is the core document output engine within the DocOrigin product. It combines document templates with data streams to produce high-quality output documents to printers, PDF or HTML.

DocOrigin FolderMonitor acts as a bridge between your applications and output processes. With integrated scripting capabilities, it seamlessly processes data and interfaces with DocOrigin Merge, email and other chosen applications.

DocOrigin FilterEditor is a visual design tool allowing you to map legacy data streams to DocOrigin Merge effortlessly. It streamlines efficiency by converting data elements into Merge-compatible XML streams.

Our Business Communications Center™ customer management software solution provides an intuitive user interface for Marketing, HR, and Legal departments.

  • DocOrigin made our job much easier in what was already a complex and mission-critical undertaking. The platform and the implementation team performed beyond our expectations.

  • DocOrigin and the team at Eclipse help us implement a system to manage generating over 20,000 labels a day and print them across a large network of printers. Their team was with us every step of the way to ensure success and really came through as problems arose.

  • With DocOrigin, we provide our customers with a system that is accurate, intuitive, and automated, and that translates to success in the marketplace.

  • We process large volumes of print, especially at peak times. With our current software we sometimes experience a slow-down that can impact our shipments to customers. Re-platforming our critical print processes was an essential change.

Case Studies
Case Study

Legal & General

DocOrigin seamlessly integrates with existing legacy applications and processes, including AIX, Windows, CentOS, Linux and more.

Case Study

Advantage 360

As a telecommunications service provider, your system requirements are completely different from a manufacturer, drugstore or similar.

Case Study

Pella Windows

Learn how streamlining labeling and printing at a renowned window and door manufacturer helped them achieve unprecedented efficiency.