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Introduction to DocOrigin

Welcome to the world of DocOrigin, where document automation meets customer communication management. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take you through the ins and outs of DocOrigin, a powerful software solution designed to revolutionize the way you create, manage, and deliver documents.

Unlock the impact of personalized documents with DocOrigin. Tailor your documents to individual preferences and needs, creating a unique and engaging experience for each recipient. From personalized marketing materials to customer correspondence, our platform empowers you to deliver documents that resonate, fostering stronger connections and driving meaningful engagement.

The Solutions

What are document generation solutions?

Document generation solutions are advanced software tools designed to:

Automate document creation

Improve document accuracy and consistency

Enhance efficiency and productivity

Enable multi-channel document distribution

What is DocOrigin?

Eclipse offers customer correspondence software that enables businesses to create, manage, and personalize customer communications effortlessly. From responsive emails to professional letters, our software streamlines the process, ensuring consistent and engaging correspondence that strengthens customer relationships.

DocOrigin is a cutting-edge document automation and customer communication management software that empowers businesses to:

• Create dynamic, personalized documents
• Streamline document workflows
• Enhance multi-channel communication
• Ensure compliance and security
• Boost efficiency and productivity


Key features of DocOrigin

Automated Document Creation

Learn how document generation solutions automate the process of creating documents, saving time and reducing errors.

Template and Content Management

Explore how these solutions enable the easy management of document templates and content, ensuring consistency and compliance.

Integration with Business Systems

Discover how document generation solutions seamlessly integrate with your existing business systems like CRM, ERP, and more. Empower your document creation with DocOrigin’s advanced document composition capabilities. Our solution provides a sophisticated yet user-friendly platform for designing and generating dynamic documents. From personalized customer communications to complex reports, DocOrigin’s document composition tools allow you to create, customize, and automate your documents with precision, ensuring a professional and tailored presentation that meets the unique needs of your business. DocOrigin’s powerful platform simplifies document management through seamless workflow automation.

Benefits of Using Document Generation Solutions

Uncover the benefits of incorporating document generation solutions into your business processes, including improved document accuracy, reduced costs, and enhanced customer communication. DocOrigin revolutionizes document creation with its advanced features, allowing for dynamic document generation that adapts to individualized needs and preferences.

Large enterprises often engage with stakeholders through various channels. The enterprise document solution enables organizations to efficiently distribute documents across print, email, and web platforms, ensuring a coherent and effective communication strategy.

Use Cases

Explore real-world examples of how DocOrigin has transformed businesses across industries, from financial services to healthcare. DocOrigin streamlines document processes with powerful forms automation, simplifying the creation, management, and workflow of electronic forms. Additionally, our template design capabilities can maintain consistency, save time, and contribute to a cohesive and professional presentation of documents in a business setting.

Transform your document workflow with DocOrigin’s electronic forms solution. Say farewell to traditional paperwork hassles as our cutting-edge technology enables the creation, distribution, and management of electronic forms. Whether it’s capturing data seamlessly, automating approval processes, or enhancing user interactions, our electronic forms functionality revolutionizes the way you collect and process information, making your business more agile and efficient.

Case Studies
Case Study


DocOrigin web services integrate with the e-commerce e-Aperam site to meet the rising demand for paperless statements and correspondence via email or the web using built-in multichannel communications capabilities.

Case Study


McKesson delivers critical documents in record time with DocOrigin’s simple, yet reliable and highly automated single point of control for assured, accurate and speedy healthcare document delivery.

Case Study

Pella Windows

Learn how streamlining labeling and printing at a renowned window and door manufacturer helped them achieve unprecedented efficiency.

  • DocOrigin made our job much easier in what was already a complex and mission-critical undertaking. The platform and the implementation team performed beyond our expectations.

  • The McKesson business unit needed a next-generation solution to replace our current print program. Re-platforming our critical print processes was an essential change.

  • We process large volumes of print, especially at peak times. With our current software we sometimes experience a slow-down that can impact our shipments to customers. Re-platforming our critical print processes was an essential change.

  • With DocOrigin, we provide our customers with a system that is accurate, intuitive, and automated, and that translates to success in the marketplace.

How to get started with DocOrigin

Learn how to implement DocOrigin in your organization, including system requirements and best practices for a successful integration.

Integration with ERP/CRM Systems

Discover how DocOrigin seamlessly integrates with popular ERP and CRM systems to enhance your document management capabilities. Elevate your document output processes with DocOrigin’s robust output management features. From intelligently routing documents to optimizing formatting for various channels, our solution ensures that your business delivers content seamlessly. Whether it’s print, email, or web, DocOrigin’s output management streamlines distribution, enhances communication, and ensures a consistent and professional presentation across all channels, revolutionizing the way you manage and deliver your critical business documents.

Our Solutions
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All of the UI elements and tools in DocOrigin Design are specifically created and tailored to real business form and document template design.

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Merge Icon


The DocOrigin Merge stream dictates the template elements – tables, repeated sections, and pages – that appear in the output stream.

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DocOrigin FilterEditor is a Windows GUI application used to create filter definitions (.xfilter) that can the be used in DocOrigin Merge.

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