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Advantage 360

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Case Study Overview

Advantage 360

Advantage 360 provides a highly internationalized suite of convergent billing, CRM, POS, terms management and operational support software for telecommunications carriers, internet service providers and nowadays even utility companies around the world.


Customer communications processes become more agile, accurate & automated.

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Optimizing the document-related business processes within their applications and at the same time, offering multi-channel print and digital customer communication, modern customer engagement capabilities and centralized document management, Advantage 360 needed to replace their legacy solutions with a modern, agile, accurate and reliable solution.


DocOrigin® is a next-generation solution with dynamic graphic capability and automated marketing tools that will allow Advantage 360 telecom customers to positively stand out from the competition by offering a better customer experience, a customer-friendly print and flexible communication technologies, which make it inviting to choose digital.


Advantage 360 customers were able to reduce: document templates quantity by over 75%, template maintenance, development and processing time by an average of 85% and customer support costs by over 30%. A return on investments was archived by most of the Advantage 360 customers in less than 18 months.

Advantage 360 serves different-sized telecom providers, like AT&T Wireless, Digicel Bermuda, Islandcom Wireless, Choice Communications, Atlantic Tele-Network, SOTELMA, Strata Networks, Cellular One Bermuda and many more.

Advantage360 telco solutions were tightly integrated with legacy template management, document generation and delivery solutions. The company intended to replace these applications and allow their customers to manage all documents and forms from one platform in a modern, speedy, flexible and more reliable way.

Integrating DocOrigin with Advantage 360 telecom solutions allowed companies to speak to their subscribers as individuals in a single voice.

Adavantage 360 were looking for a replacement that would combine document composition & distributed output management capability, which would be able to capture data output from all of their billing, POS, CRM and operational support business applications. The ideal solution should also be able to enrich document presentation with graphics, color, various fonts, barcodes or marketing messages, without having to make any modification to these existing applications.

Every customer interaction is a new opportunity.

DocOrigin was integrated into all products of Advantage 360 to improve business processes, by making them more efficient with speed, accuracy, agility and reliability. Integrating DocOrigin with Advantage 360 telecom solutions allowed companies to speak to their subscribers as individuals in a single voice when and how they want it.

  • With DocOrigin, we provide our customers with a system that is accurate, intuitive, and automated, and that translates to success in the marketplace.

The Solution

The Result of Integrating DocOrigin with Advantage 360 Solutions

DocOrigin was integrated into all products of Advantage 360 to improve business processes, by making them more efficient with speed, accuracy, agility and reliability. Every customer interaction is a new opportunity. Integrating DocOrigin with Advantage 360 telecom solutions allowed companies to speak to their subscribers as individuals in a single voice when and how they want it.

Speedy Deployment and Tight System Integration

Most telecom companies can not afford breakdowns in their document creation and delivery processes, and for some it might mean putting millions of dollars at risk—such as when statements are not sent out on time due to production errors. DocOrigin allowed Advantage 360 customers to easily migrate all of their document templates automatically, and send out critical business documents through a variety of supported delivery channels, securing a smooth production, even at peak times.

Gaining Agility By Creating Clarity From Complexity

Many organizations employ five, ten or even more communication systems, each handling only a specific document, channel or product, creating a disjointed customer experience. With DocOrigin, Advantage 360 customers can develop personalized and dynamic documents in batch and on-demand mode with the most sophisticated composition requirements, from one user friendly design interface, no matter what the delivery channel is. The solution offers convenient drag and drop tools, graphic objects, row/column objects, charts, barcodes and many more objects for designing the bill, which can be efficiently handled by any of the authorized business users.

Confidentlyl Sending Multichannel Communications

DocOrigin takes inputs from all Advantage 360 enterprise applications to generate documents, forms and labels in different formats. Further, the created documents are sent through print, fax, sms, customer portal, email or different channels based on customer preference. Group printing of business documents, like bills can also be done based on preferences and business rules.

Generating Documents in Real Time

If, for example, the subscribers find inconsistencies in their monthly bill, the telecom company can erase the saved bill data and generate an original bill. This functionality can be used by customer support representatives, telecom outlets and other customer facing business users.

Growing Team Work Efficiency

The combination of Advanced 360 and DocOrigin combines robust data and customer analytics with automated, dynamic, multichannel delivery. By incorporating customer intelligence with data streams, composition engines, print stream engineering, content designers, digital archiving, content management marketing and other business systems, customer support teams of telecom companies are now able to create more engaging customer experiences, by enjoying much more flexibility and access.

Communications for Every Step of the Customer Journey

By integrating DocOrigin as the single document management engine, Advantage 360 was able to open new opportunities for their customers. Advantage 360 now offers their customers the opportunity to build relationships with their subscribers at every touchpoint by consistently reaching each of them with the right message at the right time, winning their attention, hearts and minds. Not only are Advantage 360 customers now able to produce multiple communications from one document source, but all of their communications are consistent, up-to-date, compliant, and relevant to their end customer’s needs. Also, the new combination allows strategic planning and engagement of customers at every stage of their journey automatically.

Switching From “Running Marketing Campaigns” to “Always-On Marketing“ Mode

Advantage 360 customers can now use transaction, demographic, service usage history, location and behavioral data to make service suggestions and present targeted offers. They can move away from a campaign-focused mode and reach a wider audience with more relevant and dynamic messaging at lower costs. Also, after implementing DocOrigin, Advantage 360 customers started to create customer-friendly bills, and explain service usage history of complicated tariffs, like the telecom family tariff, by using smart and dynamic charts. This way, the telecom provider can ensure that every touchpoint with their customers is better measured, monitored and managed.

Reducing Costs and Going Green

Advantage 360 telecom customers are now able to speak to subscribers in their preferred communication channel, making it inviting to choose digital. Flexible communication technologies deliver content in both print and digital formats from the same data stream, automatically reformatting content for many supported delivery channels, like web, portal, messenger, email mobile or other. By enabling customers to view and manage their account information in real time, telecom companies are able to increase satisfaction and reduce process costs.

Supporting Regional Needs and Global Growth

DocOrigin supports complex multi-language and multi-currency requirements. One and the same template can create documents in different languages based on system configurations. This allows telecom companies to meet domestic requirements for providing communications in a customer’s preferred language or dialect, and to easily adapt customer communications management applications as the business grows and moves into new global territories with new language and regulatory requirements.

At A Glance

Established a secure and seamless integration of DocOrigin with all Advantage 360 telecom solutions

Reduced time to market with easier migration, data capturing and user-friendly drag and drop interface

Ensured a single, unified environment for design and delivery of communications via all supported channels, like print, email, mobile apps, web, social media, and SMS

Improved document design and brand integrity at hundreds of customer locations

Made the daily management of sales and service orders, invoicing, activation, return, exchange, deactivation and promotional offer processes efficient and accurate

Simplified the processes of connecting to a world-wide market by creating multi-language and multi-currency document templates

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