BMS Direct Replaces System 1032 with DocOrigin

For more than 20 years we’ve been working with market leaders from a variety of industries. We’re proud of our partnerships with organizations in financial services, government, healthcare, manufacturing and more. Today we are happy to announce yet another fantastic partnership, this time with BMS Direct, a leading provider of billing, statement and invoice processing for utilities in Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland and beyond. BMS needed to replace older, end-of-life systems and they recently selected DocOrigin 3.0 to support the migration.

The Right Fit

The company was struggling to find the right fit for a replacement. “We’d been looking for a couple of years to find a replacement for our legacy software called System 1032,” explains Leif Aagaard, VP at BMS. “DocOrigin was the most robust package and had everything put together for us. We feel like this a product we can live and grow with.”

The Right Benefits

BMS Direct anticipates a number of benefits from adopting DocOrigin. “We aim to develop applications more quickly, and as a result we anticipate being more competitive in the marketplace,” says Aagaard. “We’ll be better able to handle full color and prepare ourselves for inkjet technology, which our current systems do not support.”

Listen to the entire four-minute audio interview with Leif Aagaard from BMS Direct here.

The Future Looks Bright

The future looks bright for BMS Direct. “DocOrigin is our future,” says Aagaard. “It is changing the way we do business and we anticipate that DocOrigin will be the standard software that we will utilize for the next decade.”

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