Eclipse Offers Enterprise Document Generation Competitive Upgrade

Start the New Year with a new Enterprise Document Generation software solution! If your company owns a competitor’s document generation software license, you are eligible for a deep discount or free upgrade from Eclipse Corporation!

See PRweb Public Release Eclipse Corporation announces a competitive upgrade program for all major enterprise document generation software solutions. If your company owns Adobe LiveCycle Output or Production Print, Bottomline, Create!Form, DocPath, FormScape, MS Dynamics, Optio, Quadrant, Resolutions, StreamServe or any other competitive enterprise document generation product, you are eligible for an upgrade. Many users of antiquated enterprise document generation software programs experience poor performance, limited functionality and have to make costly program modifications to use the product. Many of these were expensive solutions that don’t perform basic functions like intelligent pagination, PDF Combine, Dynamic White Space Management or out of the box interface to print, email, fax, web and or archive. The answer is an upgrade to DocOrigin from Eclipse. DocOrigin is a scalable enterprise document generation software solution that meets the performance and feature requirements for even the most demanding global companies. DocOrigin is used to design your most important documents and forms, merge your data to create dynamic data driven customer communications and deliver information via print, fax, email, mobile, web and archive.


Normally the DocOrigin CPU License has a base price of $30,000. With the upgrade program, you will receive the appropriate discount listed below and need to meet these few guidelines.
  1. Trade in 1 license get $20,000 off, you pay $10,000 for one DocOrigin CPU licenses.
  2. Trade in 2 licenses get $45,000 off, you pay $15,000 for two DocOrigin CPU licenses.
  3. Trade in 3 licenses get $60,000 off, you pay $0.00 for three DocOrigin CPU licenses.
  4. Trade in 4 or more licenses, you will get your first 3 licenses for free and a great deal on all additional licenses.
  5. You must purchase a one year M&S agreement on the DocOrigin software, see additional terms below*.
  6. Limited Time Offer. You must request a Demo by December 31th 2012 and place order by January 31st, 2012.


The DocOrigin CPU based license provided by Eclipse for your upgrade will meet or exceed the speed of your current CPU based enterprise document generation software or we will provide additional CPU licenses to meet or exceed the per surface generation speed for PDF generation and/or the per page generation of PCL documents. Ask about our upgrade program for document based licenses.


  • Create interactive and batch documents and forms for all Major ERP Systems
  • Platform Support: AIX, IBM i, LINUX, WINDOWS (IBM i, clients receive iFORMagine**)
  • 15,000+ PDF surfaces generated per minute
  • PDF Combine ( Assemble Document Packets), PDF Extract
  • Data Input File Formats: ASCII TEXT, CSV, FRL, Spool, XML
  • Output File Formats: PCL, PS, PDF, HTML, XML
  • Intelligent Output Reduction® (“IDR”), reduces total pages/surfaces up to 66%
  • Design and Generate forms in any language, including double-byte / UTF-8
  • Optional Fill-able HTML Forms module available
  • Development and support based in North America
  • Enterprise Cloud Faxing Software Included with upgrade from Eclipse


DocOrigin provides powerful customer communications, cross sell and up sell features for marketing and advertising. DocOrigin includes Dynamic White Space Management (“DWSM”) which optimizes cross promo marketing without wasting valuable presentation space and saves paper when printing cross promo documents. Enterprise Cloud Faxing is included for desktop, interactive, broadcast, and high volume batch faxing. Clients in the healthcare, banking, manufacturing, distribution, logistics, and government industries among others use DocOrigin software. DocOrigin integrates easily with IBS, INFOR, Lawson, Microsoft, Oracle, QAD, Sage, SAP, and other major software solutions. DocOrigin customers enjoy rapid deployment and major cost savings with features like Intelligent Document Reduction® (“IDR”). IDR reduces the page surfaces required to present information by up to 66%, saving paper, bandwidth and storage space. Eclipse is actively looking for resellers and OEM’s for DocOrigin.


Eclipse Corporation is a leading provider of document automation, enterprise document generation software and customer communication management solutions. Eclipse products help companies manage information by making documents more accessible and dynamic for customer facing and internal uses. With more than twenty years of experience, Eclipse provides deep knowledge of document automation and document management software. Our solutions are based on products developed by Adobe, Eclipse Corporation and OF Software. DocOrigin and iFORMagine products provide native support for AIX, IBM i, LINUX, UNIX, and WINDOWS servers. For complete details on DocOrigin 2.0 call Will Luke +1.678.408.1245 or email Will.Luke@EclipseCorp.US


  1. *Annual M&S fee is based on 20% of list price of the DocOrigin licenses we provide or the current M&S fee you pay for your existing document generation licenses, whichever is greater.
  2. **iFORMagine for IBM i is powered by DocOrigin and is installed natively on the IBM i. iFORMagine is an excellent upgrade path for JD Edwards customers using Resolution R-Forms and PDF Wizard users. The original software developers of R-Forms and PDF Wizard for J.D. Edwards are now developing software for Eclipse Corporation.
  3. 20% OFF, Eclipse will provide professional services, forms migration, training and installation for 20% off our normal prices for orders placed before December 31st 2012
“Intelligent Document Reduction” (IDR) is a registered trademark of Eclipse Corporation WSL Inc. Eclipse Corporation WSL Inc. dba Eclipse Corporation Eclipse Corporation is an Oracle Gold Partner Eclipse Corporation is a member of IBM Partners in Development Adobe, Live Cycle, Bottomline, Create!Form, DocPath, FormScape, Optio, Quadrant, Resolutions, StreamServe IBS, INFOR, JD Edwards, Oracle, QAD, SAP are Trademarks or Registered Trademarks of their respective owners.