Transactional Marketing – Keep It Simple

Marketing is full of concepts and acronyms that can confound even the most savvy business professionals. Concepts like “Transpromo” and “Transactional” and “Relationship Management” all attempt to provide clear direction while often clouding the landscape instead. We prefer to keep things simple with this straightforward philosophy: Whenever you communicate with your customers, you have a unique opportunity to expand and extend each “appointment” to include a more deeply relevant and more satisfying customer experience.

Demand Attention

Transactional Marketing takes advantage of the fact that transactional documents like a customer invoice, statement or confirmation demands attention – for a few seconds at least – because it requires some sort of action on the part of the reader; your customer. Indeed, transactional documents often represent the only touch point an organization really has with a customer. You create thousands of bills and statements every month; why not take advantage of this opportunity?

Platform to Engage

DocOrigin from Eclipse helps you take advantage of each opportunity to engage, promote and serve existing clients with services they are not aware of or are not effectively being presented in other marketing channels. We give you a platform to manage all of your customer communications so it is easy to include relevant and personalized marketing content on each transactional document. Now you can rise above the din of competitive messages and transform into a beneficial marketing edge.

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