Play by the Rules

Business Communications Center (BCC), now included with the DocOrigin platform, allows companies to leverage variable data and rules to turn static documents into dynamic channels for customer communication.

Today, we will look at several criteria that decrease the workload associated with document management and make documents more relevant. BCC and DocOrigin make implementing rules for document content straightforward. Examples of rules-based document management include:

Date-Based Rules

Date restrictions allow content producers to define an entire campaign in advance. The documents will only “go live” during the specified date range. Date-based rules enable automatic activation or expiration of documents based on start and end dates. This mechanism disables outdated documents, reducing clutter, and prevents obsolete information from reaching clients-a critical safeguard for healthcare, financial services, and similar industries where compliance is essential.

Language Preferences

DocOrigin provides global language and locale features. The platform supports any writing system with left-to-right horizontal text flow, along with international formatting for currency and dates. Addressing readers in their language enhances the user experience and reduces the need for multiple language documents. This feature saves paper, printing costs, and avoids customer irritation.

Location-Based Rules

DocOrigin with BCC can apply location-based rules to documents to ensure users see only the information relevant to their geographic area. States have different requirements for insurance, financial, and healthcare documents, for example. Location rules streamline information for users, avoiding unnecessary clutter and irrelevant information.

Data-Driven Marketing Messages

Data-driven marketing messaging is a powerful DocOrigin feature. Use customer data to personalize marketing collateral or transpromo documents on-the-fly. Personalization increases the relevance of marketing messaging and eliminates manually tailoring messaging for different customer segments.

Access Control Rules

DocOrigin with BCC allows management to restrict document access based on user roles and responsibilities. For example, an organization may limit Human Resources’ access to only documents defined as belonging to HR. Companies may define documents as accessible to multiple departments.

Document Templates

Document templating is a premiere feature of DocOrigin, making it simple to use standardized templates to enforce document consistency. Templating reduces the effort of creating documents from scratch and maintains a uniform organizational structure.

Document Consolidation Rules

Document consolidation rules allow companies to build universal templates that automatically apply dynamic information and styling to the documents. Use this feature to insert logos, signatures, or contact information. Control fonts and color schemes according to established rules. Consolidation reduces redundancy, prevents the addition of similar documents, and makes it easier to manage and update information.

DocOrigin with BCC

By implementing these rules, organizations can create a streamlined and efficient document management system. The rules reduce the workload associated with document handling, ensuring document relevance, and eliminating unnecessary clutter in document libraries.

DocOrigin simplifies the process of designing, modifying, and testing document formats for non-programmers, aiming at achieving cost-reduction objectives. As an intuitive solution for generating dynamic business documents, forms, and labels, it empowers users with the tools needed for efficient document creation. The inclusion of the Business Communications Center (BCC) component enhances DocOrigin’s capabilities, enabling HR, Marketing, and Legal departments to produce documents that are compliant and individually tailored.

Compatible with a variety of platforms such as Windows, Linux, AIX, and IBMi, DocOrigin offers versatility and accessibility for all businesses.