Overcoming Some of Mail’s Challenges in a Tech World

According to Mike Porter for, print isn’t dead, but the mail and print industry sure does need to be more careful to keep up with the times. 

Porter points out some of the plethora of conveniences and enhancements technology provides for our everyday lives such as online banking, shopping, ride sharing, automatic re-orders, and so much more. With all of these obvious uses and improvements, it is often still surprising that many companies overlook some of the most important ways that technology can improve their everyday business such as their mission critical forms, documents and labels and their business communications.

He suggests that the print and mail industry does have some room for improvement, and we agree wholeheartedly! You don’t have long at all to get a customer’s attention with mailings or convince them to even open the correspondence, much less actually make a decision or action based on a piece of mail you sent them. Porter has some really good advice about what can be done to overcome these challenges and we have some additional notes to add.

He says, “Mail need not compete with high-tech applications, but it shouldn’t be stagnant. Use accessible technology to contact people at strategic times, not only on a batch cycle basis. Employ data to make offers more relevant to each individual. Dynamically adjust envelope artwork to inform mail recipients there’s something different in the envelopes, designed just for them.” With DocOrigin and Business Communications Center, you can meet these goals. Here are just a few of the ways:

screen shot images


Your existing data is used to control ads, safety messaging, legal terms. White space can be used more efficiently. Your marketing team creates rules that when met, display targeted messages, ads, legal Ts&Cs and more.

screen shot of forms


Languages and messaging changes based on data content so global companies can create a single template that localizes by country or region as needed.

Screen shots of forms


Messaging changes based on new test data and your team can preview the campaign with language support for global forms, documents and labels allowing non-technical people to mange, add or update.

Form samples images


Promote a discount on a new line of color printers or any products or services you are offering.

form sample illustrating injection of advertising as line item according to purchase


Highlight upcoming community events and information, Up sell opportunities, informational and safety messaging related to purchased products or services.

image of student form with upcoming event messaging inserted as line item


Highlight upcoming events and new course offerings by a student’s major.

samples of labels with advertising added based on purchaser's interests


Sending packages by mail, UPS, or FedEx? Use a label to upsell or cross sell based on what is inside the box!

shipping label samples with color or black and white advertising.


Think outside the label! Start promoting and communicating before they open the package.

The last bit of important advice Porter provides is, “Objectively inspect the materials your organization produces. Show them to friends and acquaintances and ask them what they could receive in the mail that would prompt them to take the action the mail pieces are intended to prompt. Would access to a personalized web page interest them? An indication that the message is based on the recipient’s personal profile? Immediate feedback or a reward? It might be time to start with a blank sheet and try something different as a pilot project. Your clients may be surprised at the result.” 

To read Mike Porter’s full article, click here.