It’s Past Time To Improve Your Documents

Mike Porter of Print Mail Consultants wrote an insightful blog for Mailing Systems Technology. In his piece, Can You Convince Clients to Improve Their Documents?, he makes some great points.

He explains that most clients of transactional document print and mail businesses are aiming to lower costs, like in so many other industries. One major way to accomplish this cost savings is by going paperless: eliminating the expenses of paper, production and postage.

Porter argues against the paperless goals though – an argument which is finding an increasing number of supporters nowadays. He cites two major drawbacks to the paperless environment:

  1. Consumers still want to receive important documents in paper form. Despite relentless efforts to encourage customers to switch to paperless delivery, most businesses have only been successful with 20 to  25% of their customers.
  2. In an era where improving customer experience is the most urgent objective, failing to capitalize on clearly communicated preferences is a missed opportunity.

Porter also explains that those paper documents come with a lot less distraction than their paperless counterparts which often  compete for attention with browser ads, emails, text messages and media notifications. Many times, these customers are reading their documents on the go, while waiting in line perhaps, and subject to all manner of interruptions while reading.

With a mailed, scheduled paper transactional document, it’s like having an appointment every month with your clients or customers. Recipients are focused on opening and reading through that piece of information. What better chance to then up-sell, cross-sell, or provide relevant messaging or educate about a product or service your customer may not yet know about?

A dynamic Order Acknowledgement generated by DocOrigin
A dynamic Order Acknowledgement generated by DocOrigin

So, as Porter concludes, here is a huge way to improve your customer experience by improving your transactional documents. Don’t miss out on a way to retain customers, gain customers and increase the value of your transactional documents. Check out DocOrigin today and make sure you are getting the most out of your documents!

See Mike Porter’s full article here.