ERP Systems Are Missing a Critical Piece

By Leslie Conduitt

Many businesses have made significant investments in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, which is used to collect, store, manage and interpret data. However, these companies have underestimated the human and financial resources  typically required to integrate the new system with their other processes –  such as document-based transactions – which allow businesses to operate outside of their walls.  Most ERP systems do not include a document design tool capable of handling the complex requirements of a transactional document such as variable headers and footers, custom backers, optional section handling, custom comments within detail lines, etc.  As a result, developers spend a lot of time trying to make custom modifications to the data and document to make up for the tools’ shortcomings.

A Missing Piece 

Many companies implementing an ERP system overlook one of the most important roles of the system –  the ability to collect and present information.  The bulk of the information collected or presented is done via forms and documents. These documents need to be presented on smart devices, computer screens and paper.   Yet, ERP system vendors and implementers do not put enough emphasis on the importance of this information being presented and delivered in the way your customers, vendors, partners and employees expect today.

DocOrigin is the Best-in-Class

DocOrigin encompasses all of the core components with the best-in-class features to make it the only choice for any company.  It has the flexibility to support any input data from any business software, merge it into any document, and output to any presentation for multi-channel delivery.  DocOrigin is fueled by data, letting the content define what it lays down and where it goes.

Advanced Features

For robust documents, DocOrigin can quickly be customized to include top-of-the-line features such as QR barcodes, vector pie and bar charts, content-driven custom ads and eye-catching colors to draw the audience to the right information quickly and easily.  Its powerful engine runs at top speeds unmatched by its competitors. Its destination can be defined for HTML, PDF, high-speed printer, email or a combination of all of them.

Unparalleled Output Speeds

Test results prove the throughput of DocOrigin’s document production is second to none, surpassing its competitors – including LiveCycle. DocOrigin was 300% faster, using 25% of the cores and only 20% of the memory.  DocOrigin speeds have been recorded as high as 20,000 pages per minute.  DocOrigin license fees are about the same as LiveCycle Output’s annual maintenance and support costs.


The successful execution of a business document solution is dependent upon the effectiveness of the team and tools used for its creation.  Eclipse Corporation has the industry experience and product knowledge to deliver an unparalleled solution for your business – using your existing data.  DocOrigin was developed by the founders of the eForms industry.  It has all of the necessary components for the ideal scenario – a single transactional data stream executes all of the necessary tasks efficiently and effectively.  Now you can utilize the best tools and services available in the industry today.  Choosing DocOrigin as a dynamic document solution will equate to choosing a round peg for the round hole – a perfect fit.

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