Enterprise label printing has never been easier

At Eclipse Corporation, we have been serving enterprise customers for 24 years. Our team includes the founders and core developers who created and delivered products like FormsPlus/400, JetForm and Adobe Central, PDF Wizard, R-Forms and others.

Today, we offer the next generation of document generation in a single software solution we call DocOrigin, which provides everything you need for enterprise labels, forms, and checks.

Eclipse recently announced its acceptance in the Zebra Technologies Partner Connect Program as an ISV Partner. Zebra Technologies is a leading manufacturer of barcode printing solutions with support for multiple verticals, including the manufacturing and healthcare markets. Our DocOrigin enterprise solution for generating e-forms, labels and other documents will create opportunities for Zebra’s channel partners to deliver more value to their customers with labels that provide more information while providing up-sell opportunities for each customer. Now, enterprise customers have a single source solution provider for forms, checks, documents and labels. Here are just some of the advantages:

Easy Integration

You can use our proven methodology, Integration Without Modification™, to produce high-impact labels, pack slips and other customer-facing documents, using the data you already generate today, without any changes to your ERP, MRP, or EMR software!

Dynamic Labeling

The data-driven logic of DocOrigin’s label design software allows you to create the dynamic presentations you could only dream about in the past. Many of the world’s leading manufacturers, distributors, governments, healthcare and telco providers have turned to Eclipse and the DocOrigin product to design, present and deliver their mission-critical labels, forms, documents, and checks.

Up-sell and Cross-Sell

Most organizations don’t consider labels to be valuable marketing tools, but they should. Using DocOrigin’s data-driven logic and white space management features, you can easily use your labels to enable up-sell and cross-sell initiatives in every label and form. Improve your customer relationships and your revenue stream with every product you ship to your customers!

Moving Forward

While many enterprise clients use DocOrigin, it is also available for OEM and ISV clients that would like to improve the reliability, performance, presentation and delivery of the forms, checks and labels your software produces. Advantage 360, GE Healthcare, Tyler Technologies and others have turned to DocOrigin when they wanted to integrate a complete e-forms and label solution into their software.

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