Efficient and secure document generation and delivery in more than 100 manufacturing locations

ABC INOAC is a world leader in the field of polymer chemistry with over 100 facilities operating in 20 countries for more than 90 years. The company produces a broad range of products for a variety of industries including automotive, information and telecommunications, healthcare, cosmetics, industrial materials and housing. INOAC produces a wide variety of interior, exterior and functional parts, including polyurethanes, plastics, elastomers and advanced materials. This business model brings numerous opportunities on one hand and complex daily paperwork on the other hand. On a daily basis, the employees of INOAC create documents related to the manufacturing, warehousing and logistics processes. Some of their challenges included:
  • Reducing operational costs and ensuring regulatory compliance while replacing their legacy output system being used by the QAD ERP system.
  • Providing end-to-end operational flow: from the creation of electronic document templates, and the production of individual or batch documents, through multiple distribution channels and their archiving in the company’s repository. 
They found the solution for these challenges in DocOrigin®. DocOrigin optimized both document production with internationalization (language and currency) and the multichannel delivery of documents in formats including PDF, HTML, fax, e-mail and printing. DocOrigin provided significant savings in software licensing plus additional cuts in document management and maintenance costs by about 50% in relation to the closest alternative proposition. A total return on investments was achieved in less than 18 months.  With DocOrigin, they were able to:
  • Securely migrate document templates from legacy system.
  • Reduce template quantity and maintenance time by approximately 50% by using intelligent template design and smart logic with comprehensive localization possibilities.
  • Create a central point of control to ensure security and compliance with relevant laws, policies, and regulations over all document related processes in all 100+ manufacturing locations.
  • Ensure the integration of the new solution into the company’s ecosystem without making any changes to the existing business software.
  • Improve document design and brand integrity in all manufacturing related document types, such as invoices, bills, labels, picking and packing slips, statements, reports and more.
  • Make the daily process of creating, managing, modifying, approving, maintaining and distributing manufacturing related documents efficient and appropriate.