Automate workflows to handle complicated exceptions, reduce costs

    Senior Director, Enterprise Sales

A content / document management strategy has many considerations for any company.

Automating workflows is the most popular and effective way to reduce cost, reduce errors and handle complex exceptions. Documents that you create from your ERP system such as purchase orders, AP checks, shipping documents and customer invoices, need to be filed and retained for future reference. Using DocOrigin, those documents can be created, formatted and output based on your specific requirements.

  • But where do they get filed?
  • How do you link them to incoming documents like your vendor invoices or customer orders?
  • Does the invoice amount match your PO amount, have all the items on you PO been delivered?
  • Can you access them directly from your ERP system with a click of a button?

These are all questions to ask yourself related to the filing, storage and retrieval of mission critical documents.

However, the considerations don’t stop there!

Which of these captured/filed documents needs to be reviewed, approved, and further processed?  If the routing of these documents within your organization is being managed via paper, interoffice mail, or even email, then there is a lack of control, visibility, and certainly a lack of automation. Leveraging a workflow solution to facilitate the routing of these documents through your business processes, whether for invoice approvals or processing customer orders, will allow you to ensure timely and accurate processing while enforcing all your routing rules and procedures. And with the control of workflow comes the visibility to report on the flow of information so you can make more timely and informed decisions related to your business.

IntelliChief is an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution that can be leveraged throughout your back office and line of business functions that are very document centric and manual in their processing. Purchasing, Accounts Payable, Order Processing, Customer Service, Accounts Receivable, Shipping, and Human Resources, are all very common target areas for an ECM strategy. When integrated with your key business applications (ERP, CRM, HRIS, etc.), you are providing seamless instant access to information for your key knowledge workers.

IntelliChief, LLC and Eclipse have paired together to bring you a solution that can manage your entire document life cycle, from document creation to document processing to document management.  To learn more about the IntelliChief solution, visit us at

Brian Spiro,
Senior Director, Enterprise Sales

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