About Our Company

A brief history of our mission

Eclipse provides customer communications software to produce enterprise-class e-forms and documents and labels.

If you are seeking a next-generation replacement for legacy customer communications and document generation products such as Adobe, Create! Form, DocPath, Bottomline, FormScape, JetForm, Optio, PDF Wizard, or StreamServe – or if you are seeking new technologies such as Oracle’s BI Publisher, OpenText, Thunderhead, GMC, HP Exstream, or other products – you owe it to yourself and your company to explore DocOrigin.

Our Vision

The Eclipse Corporation vision is to keep enhancing our established, reliable, performing, and flexible suite of document generating applications to meet our current and future customers’ expectations and requirements.

It is our greatest effort to continue to make sure:

  1. That all existing and new customers, domestic and international remain confident
  2. That by choosing DocOrigin they selected the best suite of Document Generation Applications on the market

Our History

Eclipse’s founders have been focused on enterprise-class form, document, and label software solutions for more than 30 years. Our team was involved in the creation of some of the most successful forms software solutions in the world.

So it made sense when we founded Eclipse that we focused on the one business where we had extensive knowledge of the industry. The enterprise forms market is a mature market. The forms software that most customers use today is obsolete; in many cases, it may even be sunset.

When we created DocOrigin, we used all the experience we gained from creating products like JetForm – Adobe Central, LiveCycle, FormsPlus/400 and StreamServe and built DocOrigin from scratch. So we started with a clean slate, learning from the errors made in previous products. With all of this wisdom and the knowledge of current trends and technology, DocOrigin is the top-of-the-line Customer Communications Management, forms, documents, labels and checks solution.

“We believe that businesses are looking to build lasting relationships with organizations that can provide a path forward. We endeavor to deliver the highest quality products and excellent customer service, support and training. We are committed to incorporating innovative and advanced capabilities into our products to ensure our customers can succeed in their own business objectives, today and into the future.”

Steve Luke
Eclipse Corporation

The Eclipse Advantage

Made by the creators of JetForm and FormsPlus/400

30+ years of industry experience

Used by companies internationally

Experience with all sizes of businesses

Enterprise-class level software

Excellent and direct customer support

Client Testimonials

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"DocOrigin is much easier to implement and the time it takes to develop and maintain forms for customers has decreased significantly. The learning curve to use DocOrigin is much faster and training customers has become easier. Our staff is very happy with DocOrigin. The best part is that as the product has improved over the years, with upgrades and updates, it's made form development even easier. The fantastic support we have received from both ProTechnology and Eclipse has enabled us to quickly and easily resolve all issues and challenges we have encountered and we have had no production failures. Reliability is not an option in the Telco industry. We see a bright future ahead with ProTechnology and Eclipse!"

Bob Hennemann CFO of Advantage 360

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