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Companies can now create and deliver personalized, dynamic business documents on an as-needed basis quickly and easily!

Integration Without Modification -- Makes Our Products Better and Your Life Easier!

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Companies today are facing the challenge of creating spontaneous, personalized dynamic business documents for customer communication without wasting time and effort and without risking the loss of a customer because of unprofessional, confusing or even correspondence which contains errors.

Solution Description

Dynamic Business Documents is a correspondence management solution developed for the DocOrigin document generation engine. This solution allows companies to generate and preview documents in their ERP, CRM and other enterprise software systems and communicates with DocOrigin through its own web services.

With Dynamic Business Documents, authorized employees from a single department or the whole enterprise can use pre-approved document templates and content to create professional business correspondence and other personalized documents in only four simple steps through a user-friendly interface.

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In the fourth step of Dynamic Business Documents, enter the relevant data in the dynamic fields on the left, Update and Submit!

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  • Dynamic Business Documents allows you to design, personalize, preview and generate documents in any ERP, CRM, EMR, or other enterprise system.
  • Provides Omni Channel presentation and delivery.
  • Empowers users to create personalized highly professional documents spontaneously on an as needed basis in real time using pre-approved document templates.
  • Ensures brand integrity and content regulation every time, which minimizes the risk of losing a customer because of unprofessional, confusing or incorrect correspondence.
  • DocOrigin is trusted by industry leaders such as AT&T, GE Healthcare, ISCS, Legal & General America, Pella Corporation, Tyler Technologies, WORLDPAC and thousands more!
  • Our Customer Communication Management (CCM) software helps companies around the world improve personalized marketing and increase business efficiency.

How it Works:

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Account Selection


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Letter Type Selection


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Channel Selection


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Document Management


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