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Check out Eclipse Corporation’s very own CEO Steve Luke and forms expert Leslie Conduitt’s Xplor webinar presentation on Building a Master Global Form Template.

Who needs a Master Global Form Template? Companies that have more than one office location, global enterprises from the Fortune 10 to the Fortune 10000, software companies that have a few customers to thousands of customers are all great candidates for using a Global Form template.

Communicate the Right Way or Fail!

Steve Luke, Founder and CEO of Eclipse Corp.One recent study by research firm InfoTrends found that transactional documents are opened and read by 90% of recipients.

It costs your company less to communicate with your existing customers and you can use the documents they already read and review frequently to improve communications, increase sales and improve loyalty!

We can show you ways to make your existing transactional documents and data work for you by providing customer messaging that is personalized and relevant and provides omnichannel delivery with real life, specific examples of success from several industries.

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There are no upcoming events at this time. However, we encourage you to check back often, as Eclipse Corporation is often in attendance at world-renowned trade shows, industry exhibits and other exciting events to show off its flagship enterprise document generation solution, DocOrigin, and its Business Communication Center software. We can’t wait to show you our stuff!


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Eclipse Corporation offers a full range of software solutions for all your document design and automation needs – built from the ground up by the team that developed Adobe Central and JetForm. As pioneers in the enterprise document automation industry, the Eclipse team has the knowledge, experience and track-record your company can rely on. Let us show you how easy it can be to modernize your company's customer communications to take advantage of cutting-edge marketing tools – and provide our powerful proprietary Integration Without Modification™ software feature in all our software solutions! Don't change your business software, change your forms software to DocOrigin!!