DocOrigin Generates Innovation and Improvement in Automotive and Beyond

his is an example from BMW of how you could use DocOrigin to have your everyday documents work for you
Everyday documents companies send to their customers can become powerful communications tools to provide relevant and time sensitive promotions to engage and educate them. Note: This is an example from BMW® of how you could use DocOrigin to have your everyday documents work for you. Eclipse did not create this ad.

One of the biggest challenges faced by the automotive industry is getting their clients to understand they have a need for the products they make and the services they provide. On the other hand, clients of the automotive industry are always skeptical of the above issue and the members of the industry are always toeing the line with strict government guidelines.

In a recent article for Insights Success Magazine, Eclipse Corporation CEO, Steve Luke, discusses the particular challenges in the automotive industry and the need for more advanced approaches toward document design and automation.

“Manufacturers have to produce information that is human and machine readable at the speed of business,” said Luke. “Whether it is labeling small components used in sub-assemblies, or printing manifests on the automotive production line, manufacturers will only need one software solution to design and generate the presentation of their labels, forms and documents.” DocOrigin goes beyond meeting the needs in the factory. After a vehicle is sold, marketing and sales departments can use existing documents – like scheduled service emails and letters – to continue to promote brand loyalty and services.

We believe that DocOrigin is the go-to solution for all enterprise forms, documents, labels and checks in the automotive industry. But you don’t need to take just our word for it. In fact, Insights Success Magazine lists DocOrigin as one of the “Top 10 Most Innovative Automotive Tech Solution Provider Companies.” More and more manufacturers are adopting DocOrigin to create and generate dynamic forms, documents, labels, and checks. This includes paper and electronic documents, which are viewable on both smart phone or desktop. The key is having one system to present information, or collect data in a fillable form, no matter what the format.

“Our Business Communications Center solution, which can highlight the features of a vehicle, is a real favorite among sales and marketing departments,” says Luke. “It takes pressure off the IT department and releases them from other interdepartmental stresses by letting any department easily turn ordinary documents into branding and marketing tools in just hours, instead of weeks. Marketing, sales and other non-IT departments can do this without knowledge of scripts or any programing. IT only needs to generate the data they already produce today.”

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