Real (not artificial) Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is easily the second most popular topic of discussion in social media, traditional media, and Starbucks–just slightly behind Taylor Swift. The concept is not new. Artificial Intelligence got its name at a 1956 Dartmouth workshop by Dr. John McCarthy, and the occasion is often considered the birth of AI. Expectations are high for

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Lean Production Applies to Document Management, Too

The essence of lean production revolves around the premise of achieving maximum output with the minimum required resources and time. It’s not merely a cost-cutting exercise; it’s much more about the meticulous and strategic utilization of resources in the right places, for the optimal duration. As Peter Drucker famously said, “Efficiency is doing things right;

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Recycle, Reduce and Reuse: The Rs of Form Migration

The Rs of Form Migration Except for the ultra-organized, most of us have hauled all our belongings from one home to another. Then, a few years later, we look at the mystery boxes in the basement or storage and wonder……

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