DocOrigin® now integrates the design and creation of Universally Accessible PDFs (PDF/UA), meeting ISO 14289-1 and WCAG 2.0 standards for PDF documents, into its flagship document generation software. The World Health Organization estimates 246 million people worldwide suffer from some form of visual impairment – with 39 million of those classified as blind. With PDF/UA conforming files, readers and assistive technology, these individuals and others with disabilities can have equal access to online information. With DocOrigin, you can now generate universally accessible documents and forms that are appropriate for all of these readers – without complex post-processing tools.

Getting Started with Section 508

Read our White Paper, by Greg Garner.

Your Customers Can't Read Your Documents!

A timely reminder from our partner, Braille Works, on why compliance with Section 508 of the United States Workforce Rehabilitation Act is so important for your business.


Meets Standards

Easily comply with upcoming legislative mandates for document accessibility.

Design Once in DocOrigin

Faster than using a post-processing software to convert PDF to PDF/UA.

Broaden Audience

Expand your reach to the 246 million people worldwide with vision impairment.

Download the Brochure

Learn more about DocOrigin, and how we can help you meet your document accessibility goals.

Download PDF/UA in a Nutshell

Learn more about PDF/UA by downloading this comprehensive guide, “PDF/UA in a Nutshell” provided with the compliments of the PDF Association and Eclipse Corporation.

PDF/UA Form Samples

Download samples of PDF/UA compliant invoice documents, created with DocOrigin.

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