How to Lower the Environmental Impact of Business Documents

What does sustainability have to do with corporate documents? By eliminating generic, one-size-fits-all boilerplate items like terms and conditions when you can, documents can be shorter and more relevant to each recipient. Or you may decide to print summaries of…

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Why Documents Should Be (Almost) Empty

Creating customer-facing communications can become rather complex tasks. Transaction-oriented documents are typically based on a host of business information systems. Recipients view data pertaining to their accounts and/or business relationships without realizing that multiple sources generate the compilation—sometimes up to…

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These Documents Get Read 90% of the Time!

More than nine of 10 transactional documents are read by recipients, according to market research firm InfoTrends. Impressive open rates make them an ideal medium for delivering marketing messages. Savvy marketers are searching for ways to leverage detailed customer and…

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Reclaim That White Space!

Printing and graphic arts professionals know that white space is power. It provides the freedom for graphical elements to communicate their message. White space directs the eye to text that will sway opinion and drive behavior. But an abundance of…

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Replace Empty Space with Results-Generating Content

If your organization produces transactional documents like invoices, statements, or notices, you are probably spending money on customer communications that have some blank spots. It costs almost the same to produce and mail a document whose pages are filled with…

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Get as Personalized as You Want

We’re so bombarded with marketing messages that many of us have become highly adept at filtering out most of them. Customers do, however, want to hear from the companies they do business with, especially if those companies deliver personally relevant…

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