If You Can’t Get the Paper, Use What You’ve Got!

Rising costs have hit every aspect of doing business. Sourcing paper, which has been in relatively short supply of late for most printing operations, is chalking up significant price increases as well. The double whammy of tight supply and rising…

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Recycle, Reduce and Reuse: The Rs of Form Migration

The Rs of Form Migration Except for the ultra-organized, most of us have hauled all our belongings from one home to another. Then, a few years later, we look at the mystery boxes in the basement or storage and wonder……

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More Work, Less Time

Business documents are in a state of perpetual change. As your company grows, your forms and document management solutions must keep up with that growth and the marketplace’s demands. Today, we will examine the situations companies face during periods of…

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Doing the Translation Tango

We live in an interconnected world and conduct business in a sprawling global economy. While English has become the international language of business, it’s not the language of consumers everywhere. The linguistic landscape is quite broad. If your company wants to succeed in doing business around the world, or among different communities closer to home,

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Congrats on Your Merger – Now Go Change All Your Documents!

Mergers and acquisitions are based on the expectations of stronger market position, growth, and cost savings. But after the deals have been inked and signed, then begins the actual logistical work or forging two companies together: sales teams, personnel, offices, and so on. A component of this logistical exercise is document management. Each merging company

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