Your Documents – Is it CCM or CXM?

Customers expect a lot from companies with whom they do business. They enjoy interactions with companies that concentrate heavily on customer experiences, such as Amazon, Google, and Netflix. Those companies have become the standards for other organizations like telecommunication companies,…

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The Challenges of Highly Personalized Customer Communications

Study after study confirms that personalized marketing communications are more effective than generic messages. A study by global research firm Accenture, for example, found 91% of consumers are more likely to shop with brands that know them and provide relevant…

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Do You Love Your Document Generation Solution?

Most people aren’t particularly fond of the way their organizations create and maintain the critical documents their businesses need. Here are some comments we’ve heard: “We don’t have just one document system, we have many. We’re paying for the same…

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Get as Personalized as You Want

We’re so bombarded with marketing messages that many of us have become highly adept at filtering out most of them. Customers do, however, want to hear from the companies they do business with, especially if those companies deliver personally relevant…

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