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A Lesson on Forms and Documents in School Systems

There are a variety of school administration software solutions available to school systems and higher education institutions. These include options such as PowerSchool, PraxiSchool, GradeLink, Harris School Solutions and Tyler School Solutions. These software solutions are gargantuan – packed with features to meet a huge variety of needs in the education Industry. Some of the biggest items needed are: Classroom Grading Library Meals Medical Parent and student portal Special education Student information Transportation That’s a lot! But don’t forget your forms and document software and what it can do for your school system and your school administration software. Be sure there is a robust document design, presentation and omni-channel communications delivery aspect included. This is something that is often left out or overlooked during your exhaustive research. Administrators often assume that the ability to produce clear and effective documents and forms for instructors, faculty, parents and students is included. The documents produced by school administration software can be a powerful communication tool which can be managed by teachers and staff. However, few of these software solutions include the features expected by the schools. Education Document Software Priorities When researching forms and document distribution software solutions, there are some priorities and necessities to consider that are unique to the education industry. Consider these: Although school software vendors are experts at creating the core software your school needs, they are not forms, documents or communication experts.  With a communication software package, staff members can add current and relevant information, news, and notices to your existing communications – such as grade reports, newsletters, field trip notices and transcripts – without custom modifications or program changes to the school administration software. Why issue another form, document or letter when you can communicate important information using the documents you already deliver? This is an obvious way to save time and money, while streamlining your communication methods. The possibilities are endless. Be sure to consider your forms, documents and communications necessities when researching your school department’s administration software solutions. Don’t Change Your Admin Software! Change your Document Communication Software! Already own school administration software? Don’t change it!  Add our document communications software. Our Integration Without Modification™ technology will provide you with these features, without modification to your existing school software. OEM opportunities are available for school software systems. Please contact us here.

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