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Video: How to replace Adobe Central and JetForm Central
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Step 1: Converting an Adobe or JetForm Central IFD to an XATW in 60 seconds

Audience: Beginner

Watch as we convert an original Adobe – JetForm Central IFD template into a DocOrigin XATW file and create a PDF using the original data file in 60 seconds. No other product helps you migrate your forms faster or more completely.

Playtime: [2:21]

Step 2: DocOrigin Form Template Clean Up and Preview

Audience: Beginner

In this Part II video following “Converting an Adobe Output IFD to an XATW in 60 seconds”, we will make the final changes to the form to completely convert the form and move the form into the test environment for quality assurance testing.

Playtime: [3:25]

Converting an Adobe LiveCycle XDP Template to an XATW Template in 60 seconds

Audience: Beginner

Watch as we convert an original Adobe LiveCycle XDP Template into a DocOrigin XATW Template and create a PDF form using the original Adobe Field Nominated data file in 60 seconds.

Playtime: [2:17]

Full Step-By-Step Conversion of an Adobe Output Design IFD File to an XATW

Audience: Business & Technical Users

This video is targeted to users migrating or looking to migrate from Adobe Output (previously known as JetForm) to DocOrigin. We cover the conversion process in a detailed, step-by-step approach to demonstrate some of the tasks users can expect. In addition, the video discusses “tricks of the trade” for speeding up changes, such as turning off field layer to lasso text objects. Note: Some of the changes are no longer required due to enhancements in the DocOrigin conversion utility, such picture mask formatting for currency amounts.

Playtime: [19:30]