Konica Minolta Enhances Its Production Print Business in Korea

Konica Minolta announced recently that it has established the Group’s first dedicated production print sales company, Konica Minolta Pro Print Solutions Korea Ltd. (BPKR), in Seoul, Korea. BPKR has already started operating.

As part of its global strategy to promote its Production Print business (PP), Konica Minolta places great importance on Korea, the second largest market in Asia, after China. Against the backdrop of a drastic increase in sales of color MFPs in the Korean PP market, demand is growing for higher printing performance and higher levels of production of high-resolution and high-quality images.

While Konica Minolta did offer office equipment to Korean customers through local distributors, the company has made a decidedly critical shifting to direct sales, especially in the PP market, in which it sells digital printing and other printing systems.

With the establishment of the new company, Konica Minolta aims to offer support services for higher volume production printing, especially in Seoul, thereby securing the highest share of sales of digital printing systems on a unit basis in the Korean market. The company is also working in close cooperation with Kinko’s Korea Ltd., an on-demand printing company and a member of the Konica Minolta Group, to promote the PP business and expand its operations in the Korean market.

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