GRABBER Construction Products Chooses DocOrigin

Replaces aging JetForm Central document generation system

CAPE CORAL, FL – GRABBER came to Eclipse Corporation seeking a replacement for JetForm, which is nearing its end of life and is no longer supported by Adobe. When GRABBER’s first attempt at replacement did not deliver the performance and features required by the company, they sought out Eclipse Corporation and DocOrigin, which was built from the ground up by the original JetForm developers.

“We here at Eclipse have a unique insight into the needs and requirements of enterprise companies such as GRABBER who are seeking to replace JetForm,” said Steve Luke, CEO of Eclipse. “We have been developing forms and document generation software for a long time, and we were able to build a comprehensive software package that delivers cutting-edge document generation features, using our customers’ existing data sources. Our rapid migration features ensure the lowest cost, fastest implementation available for clients migrating from legacy software like Adobe Central, Create!Form, DocPath, FormsPlus/400, FormScape, PDF Wizard, Optio and others.”

This feature in particular is what impressed GRABBER’s Information Technology Manager, Kory Lewis. “When it became clear that JetForm would no longer be supported with modern operating systems and Oracle, JD Edwards World software, we knew we needed to act fast,” said Lewis, who oversees the production of millions of documents every month, including invoices, acknowledgements, quotes, pick-slips, purchase orders, statements and checks.

Eclipse Business Development Manager Jeff Gary explained that once GRABBER was satisfied with DocOrigin’s performance, they added EclipseFAX, Eclipse Corporation’s cloud-based fax solution. “They are now looking at DocOrigin’s Customer Communications Center to enhance their marketing campaigns and messaging, and to manage legal terms and conditions without engaging IT for ongoing projects,” explained Gary.

Customer Communication Center (“CCC”), powered by DocOrigin, provides companies with a robust software solution which allows Marketing, HR and Legal departments to design and deliver best-in-class transactional documents that serve as a vehicle for custom marketing and messaging. 

“We look forward to our continued relationship with the people at Eclipse Corporation and to discovering new ways to improve our customer communications,” said Lewis.


GRABBER corporate headquarters are located in Highland, Utah, with sales offices and distribution centers throughout the United States and Canada. GRABBER’s international market includes Mexico, South America, Europe, Scandinavia, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and the Middle East.

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