Eclipse Corporation’s DocOrigin runs rings around its main competitor…

…for both processing speed and file size

August 25, 2020 – Cape Coral, FL – Eclipse Corporation® announced today the outcomes of comparison testing with a top competitor.

Size Matters:

When it comes to enterprise document generation, file size is a major concern for all companies. As paperless delivery and digital storage of documents finally begins to take root, massive amounts of data are being pushed through local network and cloud servers – making bandwidth more precious than it has ever been.

Companies that produce thousands – or even hundreds of millions – of documents every month, like our customer AT&T, understand that performance and file size are major factors in providing information and customer communications in a cost-effective manner.

Recently, Eclipse had the opportunity to test its flagship DocOrigin software capabilities against a tier-one competitor on the same server to compare file sizes produced and PDF batch-production timing. Only one product was tested at a time, and no other processes were running during these tests, to ensure a true comparison of each software’s capabilities.

The tests demonstrated that Eclipse software improved document production times by more than 300%, while reducing document storage space by more than 60%. In the real world, this translates into bandwidth and data storage savings of up to 300%!

Document templates used for both products were identical and both products used the same raw data file (XML) for each test. The PDF output produced by the Eclipse software was less than one-third the file size produced by the competitive enterprise class product. Interestingly enough, the competitive software product is considered a leader in the PDF market.

Performance Matters:

Our customer communications software, Business Communications Center® produces dynamic, graphic-rich presentations that provide better, safer, more relevant communications. Whether you are shipping hazardous materials – or informing customers, employees and partners of a Covid-19 virus or other urgent messaging – you need a software solution that allows you to use your mission-critical documents to communicate.

When business situations demand the instantaneous sharing of health and safety information, it is simply unacceptable to be expected to wait days or weeks to send these notifications to employees, customers and partners.

sample form image

With Eclipse’s BCC, you can set important messages in less than an hour for inclusion in documents you already produce today. No coding or scripting is required. Your business team can create the messaging, test and then supervisor promotes to production. Your company order acknowledgments, invoices, pack slips, shipping labels, statements, quotations, etc., can all become communications engines.

Of course, BCC is not just for communicating bad news or urgent messages. This same technology can be used to improve your marketing and personalized communications – up-selling and cross-selling – using any label or document you produce today. Printed or electronic delivery, Eclipse has you covered.

Eclipse guarantees we can set up any document you currently produce to be used with our BCC software. We can have a prototype of your document completed in 1 to 2 weeks, with no obligation to buy!

There is no need to replace every document you currently produce; your company can purchase BCC by the document type, or the number of documents you produce, and phase in other documents over time.

Contact Eclipse now to discover why companies like AT&T, Athenahealth, Guidewire, Konica, Legal & General Insurance, Konica Minolta, Pella, PPG Aerospace, Tyler Technologies and so many more selected Eclipse software for their mission critical document production needs.

About Eclipse Corporation

Eclipse is a leading provider of enterprise document design, presentation, generation, automation and customer communications management software. Eclipse works closely with clients to provide tailored solutions that conform to specific needs at a fair price. Eclipse’s principles are simple: provide the right solution and get the job done – on time. Our depth of knowledge and experience allows Eclipse to deliver on these principles every time. Eclipse’s enterprise software solutions DocOrigin and Business Communications Center have replaced more than 4,000 legacy forms software installations in the past five years.