Eclipse Corporation Takes Another Step into the Future

BIRMINGHAM, Ala., Oct. 12, 2022 — Eclipse Corporation makes history by changing their logo for the first time in almost 20yrs! This logo change also comes with a complete website make over, and new features to their product DocOrigin. As a leading provider in the enterprise document software industry, we take pride in continuing to grow and evolve internally as well as externally.


Welcome to the Eclipse Customer Center!

We are excited to announce Eclipse’s new public documentation website. This website is designed to help our customers from designers to developers find all the information they need about DocOrigin software and Eclipse web applications in one place. We have consolidated our existing documentation as well as created new hands-on training material for all your DocOrigin documentation needs. The website has four main sections:


Reference Manual

This is the current documentation with a new, more modern look but the exact same content.


User’s Guide

A new collection of hands-on training material for all of our software and web applications. It is divided into sections for each major DocOrigin component. The Design section is especially robust and has downloadable samples for many Design features as well as information on migrating forms to DocOrigin.


Pane Talk

This is our “technical” blog featuring advanced topics for more experienced users. (This is not the same as the marketing blog on the Eclipse website.)



Our best training and demonstration videos.

We hope you enjoy using this site, our new website, and our new logo! If you have any feedback, we would love to hear from you at Or come see us in person at Oracle Cloud World in Las Vegas, NV October 18-20th in BOOTH 394 located in the Finance Community.


Marti Rodda
Marketing Manager
+1 (678) 408-1245