Customer Communications Management Enters Next Generation with Eclipse – EcoDocx Partnership

EcoDocx introduces Customer Communications Center for DocOrigin, CCM made easy!

CAPE CORAL, FL, November 24, 2015 — Eclipse Corporation, a leading provider of enterprise document generation solutions, announced today they have become partners with Boston based EcoDocx to bring user friendly promo, messaging and up-sell to marketing teams. EcoDocx Customer Communications Center (“CCC”) software, powered by DocOrigin allows marketing teams the ability to use typical transactional documents to improve communication while eliminating or reducing the need to engage IT teams.

“EcoDocx is the first consulting and development firm to offer full, interconnected CCM and ECM solutions. Our headquarters is in Boston.” said Tien-Tien Lai, CEO of EcoDocx. “Providing document solutions for StreamServe and OpenText customers since 2009 for leading manufacturers and governments, EcoDocx delivered solutions that meet the needs of SAP, Oracle, Microsoft and other ERP users.” Lai, continued.

Jeff Gary, VP Business Development of Eclipse added “In 2009 Eclipse and EcoDocx worked on a joint project to deliver Adobe LiveCycle Output for a large government implementation. Our teams clicked almost immediately, we have been collaborating ever since. When Eclipse introduced DocOrigin to EcoDocx they were impressed with the power and features and decided to integrate their CCC solution with DocOrigin. With DocOrigin business scalable pricing, EcoDocx saw the opportunity to provide CCC to an even broader spectrum of business customers.”

CCC powered by DocOrigin allows marketing to provide relevant data driven communications to customers and partners, while allowing HR and executive management to better communicate with employees and vendors. The primary benefit of these solutions will be the reduced burden on the IT team. Marketing, HR, etc. can now run campaigns and improve product/service messaging using multi-channel presentation and delivery of transactional business documents from any ERP or CRM software.

Leaving StreamServe in 2012 Oleksandr Matichyn joined EcoDocx as COO. “EcoDocx is committed to tailoring Customer Communications and Enterprise Content Management Systems to fit your business needs. We have been developing and providing enterprise document solutions for SAP, Infor and Oracle users for years. We are excited to partner with Eclipse to deliver reliable software that gives non IT departments the power to run campaigns and archive and retrieve documents with little or no support from IT.”

About Us

EcoDocx is committed to tailoring Customer Communications and Enterprise Content Management Systems to fit your business needs. In 2009, we recognized the need for a tech firm that specialized in delivering full CCM and ECM solutions without the complications of extensive consulting work— solutions that connected multiple processes together into one unified, user-friendly system. We are confident our company and our products meet these needs. EcoDocx customers include Sysco, Continental Resources, CenterPoint Energy and many more.

Eclipse Corporation is a leading provider of enterprise class document, form and label generation solutions for banking, insurance, government, and manufacturing applications. Eclipse delivers real operational savings, workflow efficiencies and marketplace advantages. We are the exclusive North American distributor of DocOrigin. Our customers include AT&T, California State University, GE, Konica Minolta, Mele Printing, PPG, TransMontaigne, Tyler Technologies and hundreds more.

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