Think Outside of the Box

Who Manages the destiny of your document content? You may be surprised to learn how much content should reside “outside of the box”, meaning content that should not be hardcoded into your documents. In addition, before a document developer even receives design copy such as Terms and Conditions, that content has been meticulously scrutinized for

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In Case You Missed it!

Check out Eclipse Corporation’s very own CEO Steve Luke and forms expert Leslie Conduitt’s Xplor webinar presentation on Building a Master Global Form Template. Who needs a Master Global Form Template? Companies that have more than one office location, global…

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Communicate the Right Way or Fail!

One recent study by research firm InfoTrends found that transactional documents are opened and read by 90% of recipients. It costs your company less to communicate with your existing customers and you can use the documents they already read and…

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