No, GOOGLE, No! Please Don’t Take It Away

What to do when there is no longer a Google URL Shortener If you are a frequent, or even sometimes, user of the popular Google URL shortener, then you have seen the sign…. It’s being discontinued starting March 30, 2019! As of a few weeks ago, you can’t create links at all if you are

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Are you still using outdated, antiquated forms software?

What are you waiting for? Maybe you’re thinking that your current product “just works” and has continued working for a long time. So, why would you want to change now? Because: Updating to new forms technology isn’t as scary as you think! Consider: Maybe you are just afraid of change, anything new. What worked and

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A Lesson on Forms and Documents in School Systems

There are a variety of school administration software solutions available to school systems and higher education institutions. These include options such as PowerSchool, PraxiSchool, GradeLink, Harris School Solutions and Tyler School Solutions. These software solutions are gargantuan – packed with features to meet a huge variety of needs in the education Industry. Some of the

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