Overcoming Some of Mail’s Challenges in a Tech World

According to Mike Porter for, print isn’t dead, but the mail and print industry sure does need to be more careful to keep up with the times.  Porter points out some of the plethora of conveniences and enhancements technology…

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Eclipse CEO recipient of Lifetime Achievement Award at Xplor19

Steve Luke, CEO and Founder of Eclipse Corporation namedBrian Platte Lifetime Achievement Award recipient atXplor19 Industry Awards Ceremony in April Steve is the founder and CEO of Eclipse Corporation, the creators of Business Communications Center powered by DocOrigin. BCC®  is a marketing and business-friendly solution that makes it easier for non-developers to create powerful customer,

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Eclipse Corporation Announces New and Improved Business Communications Center

BCC is a robust software solution that allows the design and delivery of transactional documents to provide custom marketing and messaging, while control is placed in the hands of the stakeholders within the business. This simple user-interface allows Marketing, HR, Sales and Legal departments to create campaigns, messaging, employee communications and manage legal T&Cs without

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Getting Started with Section 508

What is Section 508? By GREG GARNER One of the many features of DocOrigin is the ability to generate ADA Section 508 “Information and Communication Technology” (ICT) PDF/UA compliant documents. Here are some highlights of what you need to know.…

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How Do You Know If You’re Accessible to All?

In the current climate of playing catch-up for accessibility, many SMBs are finding themselves a little lost as to what it means to be compliant. Articles are popping up everywhere addressing big compliance issues for ADA, WCAG, Section 508 and more. With many small businesses feeling like “sitting ducks for lawsuits because their websites aren’t

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Trends in the Internet of Things for 2019

With IoT speedily growing and changing, it’s hard to keep up at times but TechNative has outlined some expected trends for IoT in 2019 to help.  They break it down for us into 6 categories: Look out for legislature and regulatory entities to impose new regulations in the upcoming year. TechNative points out that the

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