Case Study: PPG Aerospace

Efficient and secure document generation and delivery in more than 100 manufacturing locations



Intelligent Output Management Solution with tight integration into QAD Enterprise Resource Planning.




Replacing legacy system, modernize business processes by implementing an integrated solution for the design, branding, and distribution of critical business documents, while reducing operational costs.



DocOrigin optimized both document production with internationalization (language and currency) and the multichannel distribution of documents in formats including fax, e-mail and printing and more.


DocOrigin allowed to cut document management and maintenance costs by about 50% and document generation costs by about 30%. Complete return on investments achieved in less than 24 months.

PPG Aerospace is part of the PPG Industries group, which is an American Fortune 200 company and global supplier of aerospace paints, coatings, specialty materials, and fiberglass. PPG Aerospace works with industry leaders like Airbus, Lufthansa, Pratt & Whitney, Northrop Grumman, Gulfstream.

DocOrigin supported all our existing apps and we converted them all without the need for reprogramming of our ERP software and without consuming many of our internal resources.”

Global IT Director, PPG Aerospace

Results • At a Glance

  • Established a central point of control over hundreds of generated and distributed business documents
  • Ensured the integration of the new solution into the company’s ecosystem without making any changes to existing business software
  • Improved document design and brand integrity in all 150+ manufacturing locations
  • Securely migrated forms from legacy system
  • Cut template quantity by creating intelligent templates with complex logic and internationalization possibilities
  • Reduced document generation, delivery and maintenance time
  • Simplified the processes of mailing and archiving


PPG Aerospace manufactures hundreds of thousands of aerospace chemical products. Each product requires customized product documentation as well as product and shipping labels, and a variety of necessary logistics, documents and certificates.

The company often ships their products via overnight delivery service to their customers (ensuring peak readiness). When a product is ready, PPG Aerospace employees have a small window of time in which to print all required product information and necessary labeling, as well as documents for regulatory compliance and product transportation.

PPG Aerospace relies heavily on their print capabilities, because problems with their production can slow down logistics, increase the risk of fines and unsatisfied customers. PPG Aerospace recognized that their legacy document system (Adobe Central Pro Output Server) was no longer being supported and the division needed a more modern and efficient solution to manage delivery and printing of large amounts of packing slips, pick tickets, restricted article forms, invoices, bills, certificates of analysis, material safety data sheets and more.


When the support and capacity of their existing application reached its end of support and stretched beyond its capacity point, PPG Aerospace began searching for a modern, fast and reliable solution that could handle all the product, customer, supplier and partner data flows and which could also respond to the demands of international manufacturing.

Another important criteria of the research was finding a document generation system that was compatible with Windows, QAD Enterprise Applications and Adobe Central Pro Output Server IFD forms, without making any changes to existing business systems.


PPG wanted to bring structure into their document template library. DocOrigin allowed to consolidate the template quantity from 120 to 40 multilingual templates and thereby reducing the maintenance and support time up to 66% through defining and creating intelligent templates with smart logic.

“We will be consolidating the number of forms we have under DocOrigin, the data driven templates will allow us to reduce our forms maintenance and support.” 

~Justyn Hancock, Global IT Director, PPG Aerospace


The business of PPG Aerospace is not limited to the United States: being active in more than 70 countries and in more than 150 manufacturing locations (APAC, NA, LA), the company needs to be able to handle documents in different languages and currencies. DocOrigin allowed the manufacturing company to create and distribute all the documents which are issued in each language and local currency.


PPG felt that DocOrigin stood out because of the automated form conversion tools that made their migration transparent, easy and secure. After a short training the PPG team could migrate their old templates using DocOrigin and save approximately 40-man days in the form migration process.

“The need to accurately convert our existing form templates and the time required for the migration was a big concern for us.” 

~ Justyn Hancock, Global IT Director, PPG Aerospace



Confident from the success of DocOrigin, PPG is thinking about extending the use of the application to other business units. PPG also strategically plans to implement additional user-friendly modules. As such, the company will be able to offer internal non-technical users new functionality. The departments will be able to use pre-approved templates with pre-defined editable fields to create routine documents on an as needed basis and minimize the human error rate. The employees will also be able to add dynamic notifications, collaborate in workflows, define document approval logics, and automatically sort & bundle generated documents before delivering them.

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