Case Study: Legal & General

Legal & General America Chooses DocOrigin®



Single point of control over 5000+ document templates to ensure a personalized, highly professional communication with millions of American policyholders.




Legal & General America had a number of different home-grown business applications running and generating data. To streamline the process, Legal & General America needed to consolidate all these data streams to one single point of control, standardization and process automation. At the same time, the company was looking to implement multi-channel print and digital document delivery, modern customer engagement capabilities and centralized document management.



DocOrigin has not only streamlined the creation and maintenance of document generation processes, but it has dramatically decreased the time required to generate documents while improving their overall quality.


DocOrigin reduced document inventories, development and processing time by over 80%, and document template maintenance costs by over 60% a year. A total return on investments was achieved in less than 12 months.

Legal & General America is a top 10 provider of term life insurance in the US. The nationally recognized market leader in the individual life insurance industry is trusted by millions of American policyholders, and part of the Legal & General Group.

Legal & General America is on a mission to provide affordable financial protection to a new generation of Americans. The company works with two companies, running under the name of Legal & General America – Banner Life Insurance Company and William Penn Life Insurance Company of New York. As a nationally recognized market leader in the individual life insurance space, the company implements socially responsible business practices that allow to give back to the community and minimize their impact on the environment. Legal & General America is an important part of the worldwide Legal & General brand.


With hundreds of employees in the Urbana, Maryland headquarters, remote employees across the country and millions of American policyholders, the company experienced a continuous and rapid expansion on document related work.

In an effort to automate the creation and maintenance of documents, the company employed software engineers to design its own leading system for Customer Relationship Management and Document Management. In addition to these homegrown software solutions, the company installed a document generation solution, which over the years was sunset. As a result, the maintenance and creation of new documents became complex, costly and time-consuming, a reality that caused the company to rethink it’s IT strategy.



The company began searching for a new document generation solution – one that would allow to cut the high labor costs by creating smart Account Statements, Claim Forms, Policies, Cover Notes, Statements of Fact, Letters, Quotation document sets and other insurance documents with intelligent logic. The solution needed to allow content experts to create and maintain documents and lock down regulatory language. And it was especially important to this insurance provider that the new system be server-based, enabling centralized maintenance of the company’s enormous library of document templates.

Based on their company’s fast growth, Legal & General America searched for a fast solution with an industry approved production reliability. The solution needed to handle the existing complicated data flow from all the business systems, and could also respond to the future modernization of insurance demands.

Implementing DocOrigin as a complement to the company’s homegrown data systems allowed transparency and accuracy in the everyday processing and management of more than 5000 document templates at Legal & General America. With millions of American policyholders, a number that is constantly growing, the life insurance market leader can finally benefit from a solution that not only meets their current business needs in document processing automation and customer engagement, but also addresses the challenges of the future.

The Solution

Legal & General America assigned an internal team to investigate their market opportunities. They were pleasantly surprised to learn that DocOrigin could provide the needed value, by being installed complementary to their homegrown business systems without making any changes to them. DocOrigin is designed to handle composition and production of documents by merging row data and templates. The solution pulls information from their data systems to automatically generate precise, reliable documents with minimal staff involvement. The company chose DocOrigin for these primary reasons:


    The solution allowed to automatically migrate the old document templates, which not only allowed to save a significant amount of man-hours in the migration process, but also allowed to migrate one template at a time in a transparent and accurate manner.


    With DocOrigin, template designer can easily make any document type, like Statements of Fact, Letters, Quotation document sets and other insurance documents, look exactly the way the designers wanted them. Flexible design capabilities also mean that employee will spend much less time on maintaining existing and creating new templates.


    DocOrigin automated the generation, processing and distribution of the company’s 5000+ document templates, each of which had about 200 dynamic parts, the appearance of which depended on the
    incoming data entered into the company’s homegrown data systems.


    Implementing DocOrigin helped Legal & General America to not only meet, but exceed the increasing consumer demand for a personalized, seamless and integrated experience. By switching to DocOrigin, the company could benefit from transforming their former paper based communications into personalized, digital experiences. DocOrigin is able to deliver documents via various print and digital channels, such as: email, HTML, customer portal, fillable forms with e-signature, print, PDF, SMS, Fax, Messenger and more. This solution also supports industry standard print formats: PostScript®, PCL, Zebra ZPL and more.

Success and Plans for the Future

Legal & General America has relied upon DocOrigin to solve a variety of complex business problems while improving operational efficiencies, which directly translated into positive financial results for the company. By replacing their legacy solutions, the company was able to automate the processing of a large number of document templates and create a single point of control to ensure brand integrity, regulatory compliance and usage of the latest approved document template versions. The company sees information technology and process automation as important assets, which will help employees to stand out from the competition by meeting the challenges of the ever increasing information demands in a continuously and rapidly raising number of policyholders and their increasing consumer demand for a personalized, seamless and integrated experience.

At a Glance

  • Reduced migration risk with re-use of proven methodologies and replacement solutions
  • Eliminated human errors and brand integrity by using information directly from the leading business systems
  • Created accurate, reliable document templates with minimal staff involvement
  • Speeded up document generation processes by using a modern solution with an installation on a separate server, that doesn’t slow down the business systems at peak times
  • Ensured, Integration Without Modification™ with the company’s business applications, i.e. no change orders to the existing business software.
  • Improved document design and brand integrity in all document types, such as Account Statements, Claim Forms, Policies, Cover Notes, Statements of Fact, Letters, Quotation document sets.

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