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DocOrigin’s conversion tool allowed Aperam to directly import their existing Adobe Output files (IFDs) with 90-99% accuracy rate.



Aperam sought to manage the editions of its business documents, including bills, delivery vouchers, purchase orders, and labels.  Aperam was equipped with the Adobe Central solution (previously known as JetForm), which was at the end of its life. 



The DocOrigin solution put in place addressed all of Aperam’s requirements and more. DocOrigin is a new generation of document rendering technology, developed by the people who created the Adobe Central (JetForm) products.


DocOrigin web services integrate with the e-commerce e-Aperam site to meet the rising demand for paperless statements and correspondence via email or the web using built-in multichannel communications capabilities.

Aperam is a global player in stainless steel. They can produce 2.5mt of flat stainless steel in Europe and Brazil, but they are also a leading producer of high value-added specialty products, including electrical steel and nickel alloys.

Aperam has a highly integrated distribution, processing, and services network and a unique capability to produce stainless and special steels from low-cost biomass (charcoal made from its own FSC-certified forestry).  They sell products to customers in over 40 countries, including customers in the aerospace, automotive, catering, construction, household appliances, electrical engineering, industrial processes, medical, and oil and gas sectors.


Aperam sought to manage the editions of its business documents, including bills, delivery vouchers, purchase orders, and labels. Aperam was equipped with the Adobe Central solution (previously known as JetForm), which was at the end of its life. The data comes from AS400 and Mainframe Aperam applications, which generate data in Field Nominated format (FNF), an Adobe Central native format. They had more than 150 form templates along with custom scripts to generate the associated data. A complete overhaul of the form templates and data scripts was unacceptable since years of development went into perfecting them, and documents play a crucial role in running their business. For example, documents are used to pay their employees, purchase materials, invoice customers, label their packages, maintain compliance, and more.


For the migration of the obsolete Adobe Central solution, Aperam was looking for a modern editorial solution with the following capabilities:

  • Migrate the existing templates in (JetForm) Central at a low cost.
  • Digest the data in its current Field Nominated format.
  • Allow a gradual transition to the new solution without any negative impact on the existing document output applications.
  • Provide multilingual support to maintain and enhance their Internationalization of the documents.
  • Meet the changing needs of the printing architecture for XML integration.
  • Integrate with the e-commerce e-Aperam site.

The Solution

DocOrigin is as robust and dependable as Adobe Central, yet more efficient, faster, easier to work with, and is in tune with today’s document requirements. The developers’ extensive history with forms and document production enables them to get Aperam converted to DocOrigin quickly and effectively.


DocOrigin’s conversion tool allowed Aperam to directly import their existing Adobe Output files (IFDs) with 90-99% accuracy rate. The conversion tool retains all objects, including graphics, text labels, fields, pages, barcodes, and more. Subforms are automatically converted to panes along with the Header and Footer associations.


Now, optional sections instantiate automatically by incoming data elements, thus, simplifying Aperam’s development by eliminating Preamble Events for Field Used or Field Not Available. 


Since the DocOrigin solution was built by the founders of the Adobe Central solution, training the Aperam development team was effortless. DocOrigin Design follows the same robust, dynamic document assembly but simplified the complex functions in Adobe Output Designer. For example, in DocOrigin Design, content boundaries are defined with a visual container, eliminating the need to calculate reserve space, mark print positions, or script OnBOF (On Bottom of Form) preamble events. Pagination is effortless with automatic page overflow, page numbering, and page count, thus, eliminating complex trace files with duplicate merge runs.


Aperam can continue to use their existing, field nominated data files since DocOrigin automatically converts them to XML, thus, further supporting Aperam’s gradual migration requirement.


The DocOrigin Auto Translate feature allows the static text of their form template to be switched from one language to another dynamically. This feature met the multilingual requirements and reduced the template development and maintenance costs since Aperam no longer required a template for each language.


Aperam runs their current Adobe Central solution in parallel with DocOrigin, allowing them to move new documents into production at their own pace. As a result, Aperam avoids the pressure and risks associated with “flipping the switch” and provides a backup for issues overlooked during Quality Assurance. DocOrigin automatically deciphers the appropriate application for processing incoming data files based on the installed template files.

At a Glance

  • Existing Template Migration
  • Data-Driven Document Assembly
  • Powerful and Intuitive Design
  • Support for Existing Field Nominated File Data (FNF)

  • Multilingual Support

  • Gradual Migration Support


The project has also helped change the integration of the publishing, messaging, archiving, and e commerce systems. After a short training session, the Aperam teams could quickly take over the remaining document templates’ migration. DocOrigin allows Aperam to leverage the data generated by line‐of‐business applications to create affordable, high-value documents, and relevant communications. This feature-rich tool supports full QR barcodes, 3D graphics, content-driven custom ads with eye-catching colors to quickly and easily draw the audience to the right information. Its powerful engine runs at top-speeds unmatched by its competitors. It can be used to generate PCL, PS, ZPL, PDF, HTML, and SMS. DocOrigin can send output to high-speed printers, email, fax, archive, SMS, or a combination of them.

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