We’re Working for Enterprise Organizations Everywhere

While some solution providers focus on a single industry vertical, we’ve built our expertise working with them all. For more than twenty years, we’ve been providing technology and solutions for financial service organizations, government agencies, healthcare and insurance providers, manufacturing, telco, logistics and more. And each of our engagements are designed to meet the most demanding needs of business today. Everything from streamlining a single department’s workflow to automating the largest global enterprise document generation environment; our solutions manage and optimize business-critical documents quickly, easily and affordably. Here’s how we help:

Top Performance

It is not uncommon for large enterprise organizations to have multiple document generation systems, each with an isolated purpose and workflow. Often these systems are antiquated and out of date. At Eclipse, we help you consolidate and streamline cumbersome document generation processes that cost you money, effort and time.

Top Tools and Solutions

We develop and work with some of the most advanced software solutions available, including DocOrigin, an innovative and intuitive software solution for designing and generating dynamic business documents. Originally developed by the people who created the JetForm/Adobe Central Pro Output Server products, DocOrigin was built from the ground up to easily integrate with legacy and line-of-business systems and utilize existing data sources.

Top Communications  

Our solutions and approaches help you engage with your customers, employees and partners with clear, concise and professional documents that can be customized for every circumstance. And, you can easily meet the rising demand for paperless statements and correspondence via email or the web using built in multi-channel communications capabilities. We help you provide documents to each recipient on the desired devices or in the preferred format no matter what medium you use.

Enterprise organizations count on us for the most innovative solutions and highest levels of expertise available. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help, or just call us today at 678.408.1245.