The Intuitive Workplace

Do You Believe There Is A Better Way To Work?

When Peter Senge’s popular book, “The Fifth Discipline,” appeared in 1990, it was a revelation. Senge went beyond the cheery platitudes of “In Search Of Excellence,” to dissect with a psychologist’s skill, the elements of successful business management, into practices for building what he called “a learning organization.”

Today, the concept is reappearing as “the Intuitive Workplace.” Managers today must adjust to the added profit pressures of a global economy, disruptive forces like the cloud and mobile computing and analytics, and inspire both workers and customers who have less time and attention than ever before. The Intuitive Workplace is an environment where teams are enabled with more information agility, and systems and processes that allow them to communicate dynamically without the need for technical support or specialized programming. Intuitive next-generation systems leverage analytics for insight and realize better business outcomes than they ever could previously.

Challenges to the Intuitive Workplace

It’s no secret that information drives today’s organizations. But leveraging that information in ways that make a difference can be a challenge. Here are some of the challenges we face.

Legacy paper processes can’t participate

While many paper-reliant processes have been converted to a digital workflow, the more difficult document types and processes remain bound by paper and manual workflow. What is needed are more robust solutions that remove human intervention and present insights and information in new and more profitable ways.

Information silos hinder business agility

Organizations today have a lot of information, but it is often stored in disparate, unconnected business systems and databases.  As a result, workers often spend more time accessing information and searching for data and content than they do in activities that provide value to the organization.

Many organizations lack sufficient IT support

 Properly managing the various information systems at work today is a challenge for even the most tech-savvy organizations. Often systems are deployed without sufficient testing and training. As a result, workers often are unclear about how to use the systems and, despite heavy investments in technology, the expected value is not fully realized. What is needed is a simplified platform that reduces the complexity and will enable a more cognitive workplace.

The Cognitive Workplace

How can you have a more intuitive workplace?  One way is by using our flagship product DocOrigin is an innovative and intuitive software solution for designing and generating dynamic business documents. But more than that, you can use routine customer documents like bills, statements and notices to sell more, improve customer experience and encourage referrals and new clients. Leading companies are recognizing the often overlooked value of routine customer correspondence as powerful communication tools to differentiate their brand from the competition and DocOrigin has a number of advanced tools and capabilities to make it happen.

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