Revitalizing your Business Correspondence

More and more C-Suite executives and top-shelf marketers are rediscovering the marketing value of routine business correspondence. Common customer statements, invoices, order acknowledgements and notices which were once regarded as a simple back-office burden are now rising to a new level of importance. They are now a tool to connect more directly and pointedly with customers. In an age of digital media overload, it seems plain old paper has resurfaced as a vital business communications and marketing tool.

Despite astonishing advances in technology, many organizations continue to issue thousands of pages of invoices, statements, confirmations and other customer-facing documents every day. And most of these documents look the same as they did 30 years ago. Advances in digital printing and multi-channel delivery to PCs and smart devices has changed the playing field. Innovations in data-driven personalization, relative communication and messaging have unlocked new ways to transform standard business communications into vital marketing tools that relate to customers in new and more profitable ways. Here are some tips to consider:

No Longer Black and White

Marketers have long recognized the positive impact of color to boost customer engagement and brand recognition. If you are still sending boring black and white statements, you are at a distinct disadvantage in the marketplace. While it may seem like a cost-cutting measure, black and white can cost you. Researchers tell us that using color in documents increases comprehension by 78 percent and statements printed in color get paid 30 percent faster. Repeat orders rise by 48 percent when using color.

Personalize your Business Correspondence

Business correspondence that is relevant and personalized with custom content improves response rate by 36 percent. Companies find that targeted content boosts repeat orders by 48 percent and increases the average order size by nearly 25 percent. Clearly, it’s time to get personal. With personalized relevant messaging, companies are now extending the marketing value of their business correspondence thanks to the latest data-driven techniques. The relevance of the information provided is profoundly persuasive, and can be an ultimate tool in building a marketing success.

Deliver the Ultimate Customer Experience

In today’s multi-channel, media-intense world, it doesn’t make much sense to distribute thousands of old-school documents that don’t reinforce the customer experience or build brand loyalty. Indeed, 70 percent of the buying experience is based on how the customer feels after they are a customer. Remember that price is not the main reason customers leave, it is actually due to poor customer experience. Do your outdated, customer-facing documents actually erode brand perception?

Revitalized Success

How can you revitalize your routine business correspondence? One way is with DocOrigin’s new Business Communications Center; it’s a next-generation tool to deliver engaging and cost-effective correspondence. Now you can easily deliver relevant, engaging correspondence – keeping one eye on costs and the other on revenue opportunities. With DocOrigin’s new transaction-based pricing. even SMBs can afford the same software and features that our Fortune 10 customers use.

Moving Forward

At Eclipse, we’re experts at enterprise document generation. With DocOrigin’s Business Communications Center, you can use the documents and data you already produce to deliver targeted messaging and personalized ads. The result will be high-impact business correspondence that supports profitable, sustainable customer relationships. Contact us today to learn more.