Resolutions for Success

Do you have your New Year Resolutions all set? We’ve been busy working on some of our own. Check out these easy-to-achieve important goals to make sure you haven’t left anything out.

Get Fit

get fit image of people running
  • Focus on a healthier diet – start with one change and then build on that, like cutting out french fries or switching to a salad at lunch three days a week.
  • Get some sort of exercise every day – take the kids for a walk after work or try an early-morning yoga session to start your day.
  • Drink more water – keep a water bottle at your desk to refill as needed.

An easy way to make these happen is to log them or schedule them everyday and be sure to work with a friend or family member to help provide accountability and reach both of your goals. Some other tips for healthy success: Keep your health in mind at work as well by taking the stairs when you can, or even using a standing desk or treadmill desk.

Save More Money

Businessman hands putting money (coin) into the glass jar - savings and investment concept
  • Set a specific goal – whether it be a monthly or annual amount, have a specific number in mind to work toward.
  • Budget for savings – if it’s in the budget, it’s most likely to happen.
  • Put a little away everyday – don’t forget that pocket change!

If you start the year out with these goals, think of the amount you could stash away for the year. Set yourself up for success at the beginning of the year and make these habits work for you.

Make more personal connections

connection busines people networking connect concept
  • Network with the best of them – take any opportunities that come your way – Happy Hour does count!
  • Send thank you notes – for professional or personal reasons, make a goal of just one or two a month to reach out and thank someone for a thoughtful gesture.
  • Volunteer – this is a real win-win. Do something good for someone or an organization that is important to you and meet other like-minded individuals.

These are opportunities to have some genuine connections with the people in your life. This is a way for you to work on the work-life balance that everyone talks about!

Strengthen Your Career

 businesswoman stepping up a staircase with sky in the background
  • Look for ways to help your employer/company that make you stand out
  • Be more efficient – check out Inbox Zero and The Pomodoro Technique.
  • Plan to get one new professional certificate or join a professional organization – lifelong learning can enhance your life professionally and personally, with the added benefit of strengthening your career.

Don’t forget one way to help your business and stand out at work is to check out a great product like DocOrigin or Business Communications Center that can improve your existing documents by creating targeted messaging to help up-sell, cross-sell and reach out to customers, employees, vendors and partners in a more personable way.

Happy New Year and best wishes on meeting all of your goals in 2019! To get started today with a demo, click here.