Our Friends at BCC Software launch redesigned GoData website

BCC Software is a forward thinking mailing and presort software provider that supply intuitive software solutions, enhancing your entire mailing workflow by initiating easier, more efficient and quicker job processing with automation.

Now, in an effort to be even more supportive of your business, they have relaunched

Exclusively from BCC Software, GoData™ is a tool that offers complete and secure self-service access to data quality and list enhancement with none of the typical barriers like software installations, database configurations, or sales cycles.

GoData is an established product of a few years, owned by BCC Software, and offers an array of data leveraging services that integrate anywhere along your workflow spectrum. From mail preparation and tracking, to data enhancement and targeting, BCC Software has a variety of services appropriate for your direct communication needs. GoData offers innovative address standardization services, including Rooftop Geocoding, Proprietary Change of Address processing and List Suppression.

This new and improved site is so intuitive and easy to use…

GoData is an entirely self-service platform, meaning your free account comes with no obligation, so you can get your jobs turned around quickly and effectively. Simply login, select a job type, set up a few options using our intuitive interface, and checkout. Your job will be processed and returned right to the site for you to download. Managing data quality for your postal, marketing, and sales efforts has never been easier.

Master data management, contact list management, postal discount maximization — whatever your data quality needs, you can trust the data you get back is complete, correct, and current. BCC Software has created GoData to put the power of data quality right in your hands, allowing every mailer, marketer, and sales professional to find success.

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BCC and Eclipse became partners in November of 2016 

When integrated together, BCC Software and Eclipse Corporation’s products create a seamless document creation-to-mail process. “This important partnership shows yet another way to streamline the direct communication workflow by integrating technology assets,” said Chris Lien, President of BCC Software. “BCC Software and Eclipse represent over 50 years of combined experience in the print and mail industry. That depth of knowledge provides our customers an unmatched know-how when it comes to managing enterprise name and address data used for producing and mailing documents.” Read the full press release here.