OM Plus and DocOrigin: the solution for you?

Match Made in Document Heaven

Organizations re-purpose text output into richly formatted documents to facilitate business processes. These documents such as invoices, checks, pick tickets, pack lists, bar-coded documents, and many others are critical and often time sensitive, causing problems for the enterprise and customers if not delivered on time. After e-forms processing, documents may use the native print spooling system to deliver the documents to the printers; however, it is at this point that most e-form solutions lose control of the document and the print process, leading to disasters not determined by how good printers, networks, and documents may be.

The Plus Technologies software named OM Plus Delivery Manager is an advanced, intelligent print spooler management software that seamlessly accepts jobs from multiple systems and delivers them to printers, multi-function devices, label printers, fax servers, email systems, and more. In addition, it boasts such features as:


  • Integrates into the applications creating output, as well as with the output destinations, like printers (important for end-to-end output management)
  • Print confirmation for closed loop processing of highly valuable forms/documents and related business processes
  • Confirms the number of pages actually printed is correct
  • Confirm printers are available or not ready to print
  • Load balancing across printers and/or forms servers and their processes
  • Printer and server fail-over
  • Automated routing and event-based capabilities

One of the features most often utilized is “confirmation of print”. This feature is important in many environments (such as check printing) where a duplicate or missing document or page can cause operational issues. OM Plus Delivery Manager utilizes bi-directional communications technology with printers to confirm that documents are printed properly on a page and job basis. With the “print confirmation” feature OM Plus will monitor the entire printing process taking place at the device including the receiving of the data, applying toner to the page, and moving each page to the output bin. If a print failure occurs, it will be detected by OM Plus. OM Plus will automatically fail a print job over to a backup device and notify the Help Desk with information about the job and the error code from the printer itself.

OM Plus is an advanced output management solution that resolves these and other problems. OM Plus can ingest documents at print time and manage, monitor, and deliver while providing progress visibility until completely printed. It routes print to the correct printer and can make real-time routing decisions based on document content, printer health, and more. OM Plus will open bi-directional communications with printers (including proprietary bar code devices) to confirm the printing function on an item-by-item basis. It will then confirm that the items are not only received by the printer, but printed and in the output tray and can even load balance print jobs across multiple devices. OM Plus can detect when the printer has failed and can automatically fail the job over at the appropriate page to a backup device. OM Plus has also been used to load balance workload on e-form servers to increase productivity. Should a print failure occur, OM Plus also has a host of diagnostic tools to troubleshoot the print problem.

Plus Technologies has the experience of the leading e-forms product in the market and can provide seamless integration of OM Plus with DocOrigin. DocOrigin merges the raw data and template to generate a high-value print-ready document, form or label and passes it to OM Plus Delivery Manager with the printer destination and Delivery Manager forwards it to the device and makes sure it is printed. You get all of the advanced enterprise documents, forms, labels and customer communications management capabilities DocOrigin provides, plus the follow up features of OM Plus, so it communicates with the device and confirms that it printed the document/label and logs that. If any delivery fails, it logs that and if the document is deemed high priority it notifies the appropriate party right away so they can solve the problem. OM Plus and DocOrigin are perfect for any industry and can be used with your line of business software. What more could you ask for to achieve the most efficient workflow? Are you finding out hours after a failure? When it has already created major problems?  If so, you should contact Plus Technologies or Eclipse so we can help you solve it!