Making the Most of Transactional Communications

There is a lot of talk about personalized customer communications lately, and for good reason. Transactional documents like invoices, statements, confirmations and account notices are the lifeblood of nearly every organization; these documents drive the business workflow that makes any company run. Indeed, customer communications have great scope and importance when you consider the critical role they play in company performance and the vital contribution they can have in building stronger profitability.

The Power of Personalization

Leading companies today are leveraging the power of personalization and targeted messaging on everyday customer communications. These transactional documents often represent the only touch point a company really has with a customer. As a result, they present a powerful vehicle to connect with customers and revitalize their experience. How? One way is through relevant content and targeted messaging. Consider the following statistics:

When using personalization and targeted messaging, companies experience:

  • Response rates improve by 36%
  • Average order value increase by 24.5%
  • Repetitive orders jump by 47.6 %
  • Reduced response time by 33.9%
  • Increased revenue and profit by 31.6%

Sources: CAP Ventures, Adobe, DMA

Level the Playing Field

Clearly, adding targeted and personalized customer correspondence can dramatically improve company performance. But not every organization has the infrastructure, expertise and funding to leverage the advantages. Indeed, if you are an organization the size of Bank of America or Abercrombie and Fitch you can afford the time, resources and investment to pursue improved strategies for improved customer communications. But for many small and mid-sized organizations the question becomes: how do I do it?

Eclipse the Competition

We have the answer. At Eclipse Corp, we’re experts at enterprise document generation and we help companies just like yours capitalize on the latest technologies and strategies for customer communications. Our tools and techniques bring small and mid-sized companies the same elite level of document agility, customization and infrastructure that larger industry leaders enjoy, but without the same level of expense, complexity and support requirements. One example is our tool of choice: DocOrigin; an innovative and intuitive software solution for designing and generating dynamic business documents. DocOrigin handles your business-critical requirements quickly, easily, and affordably, and best of all, it can level the playing field with your competition. Click here to learn more today, or call 678.408.1245, or visit our contact page. Follow Us on Twitter @EclipseDoc