Is Your Business Intelligent?

Business intelligence (BI) is a technology-driven process for analyzing data and uncovering actionable insight to help executives, managers and analysts make more informed business decisions. The world of BI embodies a variety of approaches and methodologies, but in the end it’s about enabling organizations with the ability to not only collect data, but also to make use of it in more thoughtful and profitable ways.

Organizations from all industries are using BI to accelerate and improve decision making, optimize key business processes and drive new revenue streams.

Why You Should Care

Today, large companies as well as many small and medium-sized businesses use Business Intelligence to boost business performance and get an edge in the market. BI helps decision makers assess business processes, performance, market trends and other factors in order to improve corporate strategies and internal operations. Here are just a few examples to consider.

Retail – In today’s world of online reviews, social media, and mobile usage it is essential that retail managers empower themselves with accurate, insightful information to drive profitability.

Manufacturing – Demand and supply metrics are essential for manufacturers to better respond to changes in the market and improve their product strategies.

Healthcare – BI helps providers provide better service to patients or members by closely monitoring multiple key performance indicators with data that’s always on time and accurate.

Financial Services – A highly dynamic market, changing client demands and fierce competition are all reasons why banks, credit unions and broker/dealers adopt BI to boost customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Strategies and Tactics 

Business Intelligence can be an important advantage, but how do you put it to use every day? One way is with our flagship product DocOrigin, an innovative and intuitive software solution for designing and generating dynamic business documents. DocOrigin allows you to leverage the data you already have in legacy systems, along with modern enterprise and customer management systems and other line‐of‐business applications to create and generate high-value documents that move the needle.

You can use DocOrigin to transform your routine customer correspondence into vital marketing and communication tools that are targeted, personalized and engaging. In the end, you’ll save money, build value and increase your return on investment.  Boost Customer Experience by using routine transactional documents to cross-sell and boost brand loyalty. Enable business users to easily prepare standard templates and compelling correspondence from pre-approved or custom-authored content. Minimize risk through consistent correspondence processes that support compliance, security and regulatory requirements. Check out this short video to learn more about Eclipse and DocOrigin.

Moving Forward

Business Intelligence and analytics has become an essential competitive advantage for most organizations today. Want to learn more about how to put more intelligence into your business documents? Or simply click here to contact us today or call 678.408.1245