Four Powerful Tips to Keep Customers Forever

The idea of a “Forever Customer” is one that is getting a lot of attention these days, and for good reason. A repeat customer spends 67% more than a new one, so working to improve customer loyalty and repeat sales makes good business sense. But keeping customers forever goes beyond simply selling to them again. What you hope to achieve is a customer that becomes a brand advocate who continuously comes back for more and is liberal with referrals to colleagues, friends and family.

Change in Marketing Philosophy

Unlike many marketing strategies that focus almost entirely on the sale, working for forever customers is based in a philosophy that is focused on building long-term customer relationships. While traditional marketing approaches are primarily transactional in nature, long-term business relationships aren’t really built on business at all; they are built on personal connections between companies and clients.

Top Tips for Success

How do you do it? One way is with the routine customer documents that you send every day. Statements, acknowledgments, invoices, account summaries, notifications – these are just a few of the many customer-facing documents that are sent to customers each and every day. Why not take advantage of this existing ‘customer appointment’ to develop more personal relationships?  Here are a four powerful tips to consider:

Tip 1. Relevant communication

Building a forever relationship goes beyond intrusive advertising and demographic data-driven sales promotions. Let’s face it – nobody likes to be spammed with offers they’re not interested in. Targeting tailored and personal messages at customers according to what they are interested in is a powerful and strategic approach. Our own DocOrigin is a tool that can help you effectively engage with customers in a more meaningful and relevant way, and maximize those relationships over time.

Tip 2. Treat loyal customers like royalty

It costs six to seven times more to acquire a new customer than it does to sell to an existing one, so it makes sense to make the most of your best customers – the ones you already have. One way to do that is to treat loyal customers like royalty. Customers are more likely to come back for more if they know that they’ll receive great service every time, and a little something extra for their repeat patronage.  So it is important to identify customers that have been loyal to your business and reward them for their continued support. Give them special offers, let them know about new products first, and invite them to special events.

Tip 3. Transition from transactions to relationships 

Traditional marketing focuses on sales transactions; today’s relationship marketing focuses on creating a more personalized and lasting customer experience. In order to do that you must make an effort to get more involved in your customer’s world. Not every customer will tell you when she or he is happy with a product. Even those customers that are unhappy may stay silent because they are too busy to change vendors or may be contractually obligated to stay with your company for a specified period of time. Instead, work proactively to understand their habits, activities, needs and objectives. From there, you are in position to become more than just a supplier and instead be regarded as a partner.

Tip 4. Take your time

Gaining forever customers doesn’t happen overnight; it takes time and commitment. Don’t expect to build the necessary level of trust with your customers right away. Relevant content, thoughtful communications and consistent value are the keys to unlocking customer loyalty. Be careful not to come across as fake or insincere. With DocOrigin, companies have a reliable technical foundation from which to make the most of your customer relationships over time.

Moving Forward

Are you ready to make the move toward gaining forever customers? DocOrigin is an innovative software platform that lets you manage all of your customer communications with relevant, meaningful and authentic content. The result is a system and approach that results in lasting relationships and increased sales. Contact us today to learn how.