Expert Use of Creative White Space™

We recently came across a blog by Kevin Craine at with some really great points about Making the Most of White Space.

Craine explains that, “Companies spend millions of dollars to send millions of customer statements each and every month. ” So are we all making the most of this monthly “customer appointment” or is that investment simply a lost cost?

Craine goes on to point out, “On any typical statement there exists open “white space” that does not contain any text or images. Depending on the design of the document and the content included, this white space can be significant, often leaving potentially valuable real estate on each page unused. In many document designs, especially those associated with legacy business  systems output, there is fixed space that is intentionally left open, such as the area in the header or footer. This can be used for branding or advertising. Other areas of white space are available only when dynamic content does not fill the space. For example, the area left at the end of a page or end of a document set that is unused and open for your marketing message. Some leading organizations today are even working with space created dynamically between line items, or sections of a form, to place relevant information based on that particular item or service.”

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We’ve been helping to get more out of your white space for years.
Not sure how best to utilize Creative White Space™?

software box image for Business Communications Center software provided by DocOrigin and Eclipse Corp. for creative white space management

Eclipse is the innovator of using all possible white space to improve communications with customers, partners, vendors and employees. We were the first company to recognize the opportunity to dynamically insert ads and relevant messaging in between line items on documents like statements, order acknowledgments, and packing slips. After all, the documents you send to existing customers are your lowest cost opportunity to increase your bottom line.

Creative White Space™ goes beyond inserting relevant ads in the body of insurance quotes and other customer and prospect communications. Then there is the concept of lost white space on documents, this space is impossible to use with post processing tools that convert documents from one format to another to overlay ads in a fixed white space. Lost White Space™ is extremely dynamic space on a page that only DocOrigin can detect and use on your existing documents. For instance, a typical page with a table may run out of line items for the current page, however the design rules of the document are set to not allow the next table to split across the page, so it is forced to move the table to the next page which is pretty common. This creates Lost White Space™ that most forms solutions just leave behind, but DocOrigin is intelligent and you can use that space to insert ads, charitable messages, interesting facts to entertain your readers. We could go on and on about the opportunities to take advantage of lost white space at the end of a page or on the that famous “Intentionally Left Blank” message on the duplex statements you print. Don’t waste another minute, check out the possibilities of how you can improve communications with relevant and real time dynamic use of white space.

High volume production documents or interactive forms, creative and lost white space are now in reach for companies of all sizes with scalable pricing models that meet the budgets of any company. Our Business Communications Center provides controlled access to Dynamic White Space Management to protect the integrity of the document or form template. Developers simply define areas as “hot spots” for inserting images and rich text messaging. BCC allows companies to enhance transactional documents as an effective vehicle for relevant custom messaging targeted for customers, employees and partners. Now, IT can hand off production-ready forms and documents to business units so they can control the campaigns and regulatory messaging needed within any customer communications. Media-driven departments can test and preview their work in seconds and schedule the effective dates for the messaging. Multiple campaigns featuring up sells, cross sells and/or relevant messaging with separate targeting rules can be set up, spanning multiple time frames while others can be set up to run continuously. Campaigns can be tested without interfering with current production and published with the click of a button after quality assurance has been completed.

With BCC, documents and forms come to life, wasted white space becomes valuable real estate and any product, service, region or account type can trigger communications or messaging without making any changes to your business software or database. No other product gives you more control of your transactional documents and forms!

graphic depicting the difference between a statement without creative white space management, and one with creative white space management.

Witness the power of DocOrigin and BCC by clicking here to watch a short video. See the power and ease of use that empowers companies to deliver rich and relevant information in documents and forms generated every day.

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