Everyday Documents Do the Most

Consumers are bombarded with an overwhelming amount of marketing content. Between television, radio, the web, social media, and more, experts tell us that we’re hit with over 5,000 marketing messages each and every day. And in our over-saturated, media-intense world, only select few ever rise above the din of competitive content to grab our attention. With all of this competition, how can you hope to get your message through?

It’s Not Just Routine

One way is by using the routine transactional documents that you already send to establish a more personal relationship with your customers. Companies already spend the money, time and effort to issue account statements, notifications, invoices and a host of other correspondence to customers every day, so it makes sense to leverage this routine correspondence to sell more, communicate better, and build more lasting and loyal customer relationships. And the more personally relevant your communications are the more likely it is that they will command customer attention.

The Paper Comeback

Despite the rise of social media and the general desire to “go paperless,” the fact is that plain old printed communications are enjoying a comeback. The Direct Mail Association says that response rates for direct mail have risen 156% since 2013. And a 2014 study conducted by InfoTrends predicts despite the increasing digitization of business today that by 2017 approximately 65% of customer communications will still remain in print. Clearly, plain old print remains a formidable marketing force.

Standout from the Crowd

Leading companies are recognizing the often overlooked value of routine customer correspondence as powerful communication tools to differentiate their brand from the competition. Our flagship product DocOrigin has a number of advanced tools and capabilities to make it happen. We pioneered the use of routine customer documents like bills, statements and notices to sell more and improve customer experience. Enterprise organizations count on us for the most innovative solutions and highest levels of expertise available. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help, or just call us today at 678.408.1245.