Eclipse Corporation Expands Support and Performance for Zebra Printers

We’ve recently shared some important news: DocOrigin has been enhanced to drive Zebra® printers at rated speeds when used in a single facility installation or globally distributed printing environments.

Collage of forms generated with DocOrigin and compatible with Zebra printers
A sample of the forms, labels and documents that are possible with DocOrigin and Zebra printers.

The Zebra/DocOrigin partnership is so beneficial to customers because:

  • DocOrigin’s production software allows customers to drive an unlimitednumber of printers locally or globally.
  • DocOrigin ZPL Viewer allows the person designing and testing labels to preview them in a PDF viewer. This adds convenience and reduces the cost of label development and testing. With ZPL Viewer, you can view a single label or hundreds, reducing ribbon and label waste. Make QA and Test a snap!
  • DocOrigin drives powerful Zebra printers at full speed, meeting all mission-critical business demands.
  • Up-sell and cross-sell with labels using targeted messaging. Add safety messages or advertising next to FedEx, UPS, USPS labels based on relevant products being shipped!
  • Integration Without Modification™, Eclipse’s methodology, gives customers the ability to design and produce dynamic data-driven labels without customizing their line of business software, and eliminates the need for change orders or custom programming.
  • Scalable pricing provides SMBs the same features and performance provided to our Fortune 10 customers, at an affordable price.
  • LaserBand® Wristband form templates are provided to healthcare customers.
  • Support for Zebra Browser Print: Simplifies monitoring USB connected printers, provides the ability to perform real-time status checking and reporting and allows cloud-based applications to print to any USB connected Zebra printer.

Read the full press release here.